Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Victor Davis Hanson in an editorial titled "10 Things A Candidate Might Promise What We Want To Hear" listed a number of important themes, but one in particular caught my eye:
4. Race. No more “conversations on race” but simply an end to identity politics. Americans are worn out with racial tribalism. The post-racial candidate Obama recently posed with Bill Richardson to gain a “Latino” endorsement, on the hope apparently that just as African-Americans are supposedly voting 90% for Obama, Hispanics might do likewise on Richardson’s prompt. But the scene was Orwellian. Both Obama and Richardson are elites of mixed ancestry and they just as well might have argued that they were “white” candidates. When either one claims fides to one side of their heritage, they implicitly reject the other. I can’t believe that a naturalized citizen from Oaxaca would vote for the grandee Obama because the grandee Richardson claimed that as an authentic Latino of similar background and perspective he should. And if he were to do that, then we are simply a tribal nation after all.

Eliminate the politically correct, "identity politics" victimhood sweepstakes, and we will have no need for a "conversation on race"--we will finally have swept away the last vestiges of subversive, unconscious racism (AND sexism)--the kind that is relentlessly advocated and championed by the always uninsightful, self-centered political left and their Democratic party shills.

It's truly fascinating to me how they have managed to promote overtly racist and sexist policies and practices on the national agenda while claiming that they are doing just the opposite. In fact, what we have right now within the Democratic party in the fight to the death between the "black" candidate for President and the "female" candidate for President, is the logical end-game of the PC, multi-culti victimhood dogma: racial divisiveness, seething resentment and overweening entitlement-- taken to the nth power.

Right now there is some rather desperate flailing and maneuvering trying to keep everything together, but I predict that it will not work because there is no ability for any compromise between the various victim groups--only a final battle for supremacy which will leave one or the other disenfranchised.

Not only would there be no need for a 'conversation on race', but the entire foundation of today's Democratic party would quite simply disappear, swallowed up by its own devastating and destructive internal contradictions.

You might well wonder what they would do at that point? I mean, how could the political left stand up for the rights of the oppressed if the oppressed refuse to consider themselves oppressed and can stand up for themselves in the world? Heh.

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