Friday, April 04, 2008


Mark Krikorian at The Corner notes:
This just in:
A series of new television and radio commercials, billboards and bus shelter signs will soon go up around San Francisco advertising the fact that the city by the bay is also a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

The only thing like that I can recall was an abortive effort to put up a billboard inviting illegal aliens in New Jersey to move to Cambridge, Mass., after that city renewed its status as a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

The ad campaign goes along with San Francisco's plan to start issuing municipal ID cards to illegal aliens this summer. The sponsor of that measure used an image I don't recall seeing before:

"We're taking a big bite of the reality sandwich in admitting that there are people who live here who may or may not have citizen status," said Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who helped spearhead the ad campaign and who represents the city's heavily Latino Mission District

Make mine a Reuben with extra sauerkraut.

OK, I get it! Tough-minded San Franciscan moonbats are not only facing reality head on, but are taking a great big bite out of it just to show that they have no fear.

And what is there to fear, after all? Consequences? They don't fear no stinkin' consequences.

Nevermind that in one swell foop they have managed to:

  • reward illegal aliens for breaking American laws

  • encourage more illegal aliens to break American laws in the future

  • make sure that law-abiding aliens understand there is absolutely no advantage to being law-abiding

  • created a major incentive for more illegal aliens to come to their city

  • spend law-abiding taxpayers' money on an ad campaign to announce their wonderfulness

  • spend law-abiding taxpayers' money to support law-breaking illegal aliens to live in their city

  • Just consider the items in the list above the 'pickles, tomatoes and onions' they left off their 'reality' sandwich.

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