Wednesday, April 02, 2008


(With apologies to William Blake)

To see the world through an opaque lens,
And truthfulness in deceit,
Insist folly really does make sense,
And victory is defeat.

A woman in a burka cage
Fails our feminists to enrage.

A White House fill'd with Democrats
Will bow and scrape to theocrats.
Ladies in pink--which disguises their hate--
Predict the ruin of our state.

A fatwa for a mild cartoon
Can make the Muslim masses swoon.
Islam-inspired atrocity
Recedes with high velocity
While Western sins (more human error),
Are said to be the height of terror.

How does the world turn inside out,
And all that's real is met with doubt?
When bigots get applause and cheers
When patriots get boos and jeers.

When those who call for 'peace on earth'
Have no idea what peace is worth;
And those who fight for liberty
Must be portrayed in villiany.

The children are all taught to kill
Submit themselves to allah's will ;
And in the West they fight and bicker
Over which one will surrender quicker.

Insanity is now the norm
And truth displaced in just a breath;
We wait and watch the gathering storm,
A skirmish between life and death....

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