Monday, March 31, 2008


UPDATE: Even better than "Fitna" --watch this from MEMRI-TV:

And these dysfunctional human beings think that a movie like "Fitna" does their religion damage....

Please join us for another Sanity Squad podcast this evening at 8:00 pm! Siggy, Shrinkwrapped, Neo and I will be discussing Geert Wilder's movie "Fitna" (see below) and the ongoing campaign against the Sadr militias in Basra. Hang onto your hats!

Click on the button below to listen live:

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The call in number is is (646) 716-9116. Showtime is a 8 PM tonight.

And, if you haven't seen "Fitna" yet, take 15 minutes to watch it. It really shows nothing new (i.e., that readers of this blog haven't heard about), but it shows it graphically and with very little comment. Watching it is an act of freedom and defiance against those forces that want nothing more than to destroy the very values upon which western civilization is based.

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