Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The following is a perfect example of a kind of email I receive on a regular basis:
Sanity, you are such an asshole it's a wonder you can string two words together to blog. Why don't you stop and end our misery?

I'm sure you are able to follow the logic of the author's carefully crafted argument as he (or she) carefully lays out their disagreement with the reasoning in one of my posts and completely dmolishes it....not.

There exists a heirarchy of techniques for disagreeing with someone:

[From this site]

I am certainly not immune to using the name-calling at the bottom of this pyramid, but I try to refrain until after I've used some of the strategies at the top. Next time you read one of the lefty trolls that come regularly to this blog, see if you can identify which level their argument uses.

You can also re-read Strategies for Dealing with Denial (Part I, Part II .and Part III) and consider it a supplement for the chart above.

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