Tuesday, January 22, 2008


While we are on the subject of the toxic and corrosive impact of the political left's bankrupt ideology on Western civilization (see the previous post) and the defense of freedom, Wretchard has a salient post up that discusses this development in NATO (sure to raise the hackles of the pseudo-pacifist political left). He notes:

No other recent political development has underlined the destructive effects of the Left's opposition to the War on Terror as much as this manifesto. To now stake the safety of the West upon pre-emptive nuclear attack rather than endure the constant sniping of the Left exposes the full bankruptcy of the "pacifist" position. This alternative may take the world to the brink of a catastrophe. One wonders whether any NATO majority will have sufficient confidence in their intelligence agencies to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the basis of a warning. In all probability they will not. What will likely happen is that the West will be left waiting for the descent of the first nuclear blow in order to generate the political capital to strike back, and then in the only way they can -- with atomic fires -- in place of the men who could not be mustered to defend it under the galling fire of their critics. Having refused to fight limited wars to preserve the peace, the West may now be left with threatening global catastrophe to preserve itself. The price of appeasement has always been high.

As is typical with the thoughtless, brainless and mindless posturing of the left--particularly it's lunatic antiwar wing--the situation is precarious for the proponents of liberty and democracy. Blind to everything but their own narcissism, in which they revel, the left will continue to blame the policies of the Bush Administration and completely fail to appreciate how they, themselves, have totally undermined the ability of the West to be able to defeat the threat that it faces. Their "constant sniping" has not only made usually reasonable people nervously ambivalent about even the worth of Western values; it has vastly emboldened the enemy and given them the audacity of hope that their anti-human policies may be able to prevail.

These fanatics know, that with the Democrats and their leftist base in charge in the U.S., they can easily wait us out and watch the last remnants of our resolve crumble to dust. The Islamofascist's singleness of purpose (and make no mistake, their purpose is enslavement to their ideology or death) will ultimately overcome our ambivalence and tepid responses to their atrocities. They are certain we will become too fatigued to deal with them, and thus they will win by default.

In this sense of superiority and single-mindedness, they aren't much different from their allies (whether they are conscious or unconscious about it) on the political left.

But, the left doesn't care about the fanatics that want to destroy us (Hey! After all, these jihadists represent the pure and perfect revolutionaries that the left has always dreamed of ! ) because they are far too wrapped up in their postmodern marxist narcissism and the histrionic nihilism that it engenders. As one of their own once said, "In the long-run, we're all dead."

And, while there is certainly truth to that rather useless and dead-end observation; I, for one, would prefer to die a free woman; knowing that my daughter has inherited a world where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the highest values and where "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

As Wretchard says, the catastrophic consequences of the left's appeasement and the way they have tied the hands of those who would defend freedom and democracy, are almost too painful to contemplate.

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