Friday, January 18, 2008


Fairy tales can come true, they will happen to you
When you're Democrat!
But you must, you will find, be quite narrow of mind
When you're Democrat!

You can go to extremes with utopian schemes;
Then ignore when your dreams fall apart at the seams...
It's ok to be gay if you vote the right(left?) way
And you count as a fem only registered Dem ....

Dont you know it's a sin-- if you're Republican--
So be Democrat!
And it's really quite good to embrace victimhood
As a Democrat!

And if you should survive, then you must be deprived;
You can play--it's not hard--that old victimhood card!
You can deride combat,
And cavort as a moonbat--
If you're in good standing as a Democrat!

So please act like a dope; feel audacious hope
And then promise the moon, cuz if it doesn't come soon
It's due to the fact,
We can't win in Iraq;
And then you can surrender as a Democrat!

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