Tuesday, January 15, 2008


K-Lo at The Corner says he's a piece of work. Slublog wants you to "Guess That Candidate!" I am really at a loss for words (which is, I assure you, very unusual).

What has the Republican Party come to? With all the socialism-lite being bandied about here in Michigan; all the empty promises glibly being made--how are these guys any different from the feckless Democrats who got us into this economic mess to begin with?

Where is the candidate who will proudly stand up for the free market? Who will say that too much government is the problem and that the solution is to do away with government regulation that is stifling economic freedom in Michigan and elsewhere?

Are these ideas truly dead in the Republican Party?

I happen to be a mostly one-issue person (the war on terror), but do I have to hold my nose when I vote for the next Republican presidential candidate?

UPDATE: Siggy wonders if Michigan is Disneyland

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