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Recently I wrote about my visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton and its origins:

Sure, Hillary is fairly bright. But that is trumped by the fact that she married a philanderer and has stayed with him through public humiliation after public humiliation. That is not "love", nor is it "constancy", nor is it in any way laudable in my estimation. Frankly, it reeks of incredibly poor judgement, particularly since Bill has not apparently reformed since the Lewinsky affair; though admittedly he's less public about it since his wife began her run for the White House.

OK, fine. She has chosen to stick with the jerk. What goes on in their bedroom (or doesn't) is none of my business. It's her problem and her cross to bear....but...but she seems to think--no expect, that I, as a woman, should be excited and revved up that she is running for President.

Sorry, not interested in that line of propaganda. As far as I'm concerned, she's a complete loser as a woman and not at all a role model I'd hold up to my daughter. I don't care how many people she cons with this "I am woman, hear me roar" bullshit.

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a postmodern gold digger whose preferred "gold" happens to be political power.

I can hear people saying now, "Oh, Doc that's not fair! She's a person in her own right..." Exactly. I don't like that person. I don't like how she's used her relationship to a powerful man to leverage her own power. There are brilliant, capable women out there who could do a superb job as the leader of the free world, and who have never, ever used their marriage, either positively or negatively to get ahead. And Hillary does both--she plays the "Bill card" to push how much experience and qualifications she has to be president; and at the same time routinely plays the "victim card"--poor little woman burdened with an unfaithful man; or poor little woman abused by the oppressive male power structure--whenever it suits her purposes. Yuck and double yuck.

I made the following point about her adoring husband and their dysfunctional marriage in this post:

If elected President, the American people will always be able to count on Hillary to say and do what's right for the country--when and only when it will advance her own sense of entitlement and grandiosity. Once elected, of course, she won't need Bill anymore except perhaps as a figurehead for her authority and a reminder of how she ultimately used and bested him.

I have no doubt that her sad and equally grandiose husband understands this on some psychological level and is therefore working hard behind the scenes to ensure her defeat, or at least undermine it; even as he looks adoringly at her in public. After all, it does not further his essential narcissism to become the First Lady.

That's how dysfunctional marriages--and the people in them--operate.

Well, as Roger Simon notes, it doesn't take Sigmund Freud to figure out that Bill's unconscious will work tirelessly to ensure that Hillary does not get elected. It is, after all, the last thing his incredibly grandiose self wants to happen.

Last night in NH, he grinned into a TV camera and introduced Hillary and his daughter as "My girls..."

Wow. The feminist movement has now been turned on its head. Prediction: disaster for Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Victor Davis Hanson has this to say in "Oh Hillary, Where Art Thou?", which cuts to the heart of the matter:
Poor Hillary is in a Catch-22 dilemma-and there's no Dick Morris to bail her out. Bill's constant presence, campaign gaffes, and serial narcissism contributed to her slide, reminding Americans that his ubiquitous picture on the screen, her incessant references to her work in his administration, and the specter of 28 consecutive years of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton rule are about the farthest thing from "change" imaginable.

And then there is the Freudian problem. It is not altogether clear that his own desire for another eight years of the limelight overshadows a deep-seeded resentment and envy of his wife, who might, as the first-female president, and a liberal who avoided tawdry scandal, overshadow the prior Clinton's legacy.

And so, with apologies to The Temptations, the Clinton Campaign should probably adopt a new theme song:

(as sung by Ex-President William Jefferson Clinton about his wife)

I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day.
When the chips are down,
I've got a lot to say.

Well, I'll stand by my Hill
When it comes to power she's got the will,
And she's My girl. (My girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl. (My girl)

We've got plenty of money
But don't envy me.
There's a big, deep hole
Where my center should be.

But, I'll stand by my wife
To the bitter end
As I've done all my life,
Cause she's my girl. (My girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl. (My girl)

We can always use money,
Since money buys fame.
And if you lose the race, baby,
I won't be to blame.

Cause, I'll keep fightin', girl,
Beneath the ice there's a real pearl!
Believe me, dear, when I truly say
I feel your pain, honey, and I like it that way.
My girl. (My girl, my girl)
Standin' by my girl. (My girl)

Talkin' bout my girl.
I've got sushine on cloudy day
With my girl.
I've always got a lot to say
'Bout my girl.


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