Wednesday, October 05, 2005


If I were President Bush I would do exactly what Frank Gaffney suggests in this Townhall column:

That is because we are not, in fact, fighting a global war on terror. It is a global war, alright. But it should instead be called the “War for the Free World.” Such a designation has the following advantages:

We who love freedom are locked in a struggle to the death with totalitarian enemies who subscribe to ideologies that require our destruction. Sound familiar? The Nazis, Fascists, Imperial Japanese and Soviet Communists had in mind for us the same fate. We had to wage war effectively (using non-military as well as military means) on a global scale to defeat each of them in turn.

Today, the immediate threat to the Free World comes from Islamofascism – yet another totalitarian ideology, this time masquerading as a religion. Most Muslims around the world do not subscribe to the Islamist agenda. They are increasingly being forced to embrace it, or at least go along with it, however, under threat of violence or other coercive techniques. By demonstrating our resolve to resist the Islamofascists and to help non-Islamist Muslim to do so as well, we can enlarge the Free World and secure the allies we will need to prevail.

I have argued something similar, and believe it is time for the President to recast the GWOT into a name that reflects the real reasons we are bothering with Afghanistan or Iraq. It is not for revenge; it is not for oil. We are not so much fighting against terrorists and terrorism, as we are fighting for Freedom and Western Civilization.

It is time to blast the terrorists--and all those who enable and support them-- over to the side they really represent . Far from being Michael Moore's "minutemen" or the Cindy Sheehan's "freedom fighters", Islamofascists and their friends are the "anti-freedom fighters" who simply support Islamic tyranny--the latesthistorical incarnation of organized oppression and human slavery.

We are fighting a war in which the stakes are the highest imaginable in human history.

We stand at the cusp of a millenium that can lead either to the realization of universal liberty and the empowerment of the human spirit. Never has humanity been closer to recognizing the fundamental human desire for freedom; and to calling the despots of the world to account.

The forces that would gladly enslave humanity and drag it back to the Middle Ages are the opponents of civilization and the free world.

That is the essence of this war and it should be recognized.

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