Saturday, March 14, 2009


But I just don't think this (or this) is what the ancient Greeks had in mind, since they were big on reason and reality, too....

[From Dry Bones]

By all means, let us encourage and enable moderation in terrorism; and this (and this)are closer to what we should be doing in that regard:
The US targeted a Taliban compound in a cross-border strike into Pakistan's tribal areas today. The strike took place in the Kurram tribal agency and was the second attack there since December 2008.

The Predator airstrike hit a Taliban compound and training camp in the Barjo region in Kurram. "The training camp was completely destroyed," a villager told Reuters. At least four Hellfire missiles were reported to have been fired at the camp.

Additionally, I really don't think that Obama should be appointing attorneys that "volunteer" to defend terrorists--somehow, in this case I don't imagine he did it out of love for justice and freedom. Instead, I'm with Lileks. Feel free to call me vindictive; and perhaps not very moderate --especially about certain things.

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