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My admiration for Dr. Wafa Sultan continually grows as she courageously--despite death threats, is willing to shine a psychological spotlight on the many insanities of Islam.

Cox and Forkum penned a tribute to her a while back:

The cartoon seems particularly insightful after reading this transcript from MEMRI (the video clip is here, and is even more fascinating to watch her do battle with the puppets of Islam). Here are a few excerpts, but you must read it all:
Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan: "All religions and faiths, throughout the history of humanity, have been subject to criticism and affronts. With time, this has helped in their reform and development. Any belief that chops off the heads of its critics is doomed to turn into terrorism and tyranny. This has been the condition of Islam, from its inception to this day. Islam has sentenced [its critics] to prison, and whoever crosses the threshold of that prison meets his death. The Danish cartoons have managed to break down the first brick in the wall of that prison, and to open up a window, through which the sunrays enter, after a lengthy darkness.

Wafa Sultan: "Why are they upset about what is going on in Gaza, while the Koran says to them: 'They shall kill and be killed.' So here they are - killing and being killed. What's wrong with that?"

Tal'at Rmeih: "Leave the Koran out of it. If you want to talk politics, go ahead."

Moderator: "I beg you to stick to politics. He talked only about politics."

Wafa Sultan: "Dr. Faysal, you know that you cannot separate Islam from politics. Islam is not a religion, but politics. You must let me express my views the way I want. When you called me, you didn't say I was not allowed to discuss Islam or the Koran. Islam says to them that they will 'kill or be killed', and here they are-killing and being killed. So what's wrong with that? They want to be martyred and to meet their black-eyed virgins, and Israel is merely helping them get what they want. What's wrong with that?

"If you want to change the course of events, you must reexamine your terrorist teachings, you must recognize and respect the right of the other to live, you must teach your children love, peace, coexistence, and productive work. When you do that, the world will respect you, will consider you in a better light, and will draw you in a better light."
Wafa Sultan: "How can someone who believes in killing people who do not pray possibly criticize liberties in the West? This is a farce. What past is he defending? Is he defending the invasions and lootings?"

Tal'at Rmeih: "I am defending the past of the Islamic nation, which was the beacon of knowledge for the entire world…"

Wafa Sultan: "…polygamy, beheadings, chopping of heads and feet on alternate sides, accusing people of heresy, and drinking camel urine, as a cure for all ailments - is this the past he is defending?"

Tal'at Rmeih: "No, I am defending a magnificent past of a magnificent nation, which was the cradle of knowledge and civilization, at a time when the most that people in the West could do was to catch a rabbit and scurry back to their caves. This nation has made the greatest contribution to civilization and humanity. Our religion is not complete without recognition of other religions. We are the ones who have called for tolerance and respect for religions."

Yes, we in the West are constantly being reminded of the incredible ''tolerance and respect for religions that the followers of Islam demonstrate. Just the other day, I believe, we were witness to the the horror and death a shining example of that 'tolerance' and the kind of 'respect' for life that Islam teaches.

Clearly--at least according to the 'expert' on Islam who debates Dr. Sultan--Islam is a powerful force for civilization while those who support such atrocities as freedom and the sanctity of individual human life are leading the world back to barbarism and ignorance. LOLOL

Dr. Sultan is a beacon of reason and sanity shining in the mental darkness and moral depravity perpetuated by the leaders of today's Islam.

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