Sunday, March 18, 2012


Of course, it's not the UN alone; our wonderfully UN-progressive left is egging them on:
Hey, who would know more about the “growth of democracy” than the member states of the UNHRC? For instance, Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to vote at all. Cuba and China are one-party dictatorships. The UNHRC is a monument to the fatuity of moral relativism applied to global democracy; half of the member states should be in the dock of a human-rights tribunal rather than running it.
And this is the NAACP’s model of justice? Appealing to the democratic instincts of China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia? That’s the biggest joke.

It's hard to decide who's the bigger joke: the UN; or the race-baitng minions of the Democrats and their leftist base.


[Political cartoons by Michael Ramirez here]

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