Sunday, May 18, 2008


Siggy, in moments of agitation and tribulation, tends to refer to me as "PMS"--usually when he is linking to the Carnival of the Insanities every week (see previous post for the latest COTI). Today, he conveys some serious truths in the ramblings of the reknowned "waste in space" expert:
The left needs war and strife, because without war and strife, they would have to make actual contributions to benefit others. Bitching about democracies and freedom does not contribute to the benefit of anyone but the frauds doing the bitching. In every case, bitching is a lot easier than actually working and contributing- and if you bitch loud enough, you can convince yourself you are more relevant than you really are....

What good is the Code Pink ‘Breasts not Bombs’ campaign? If they had an ‘Elbows not Bombs’ campaign, who would show up Do you think the cameras would be there? Do you think the victims in Darfur and Congo and Sierra Leonne see Code Pink as credible ‘negotiators’ on their behalf? Code Pink doesn’t care about victims. If they or anyone else on the left gave a damn about victims or war or oppressed people, they would do things very differently.

As I have noted many time before with regard to the political left--their ideology and behavior are all about them and have very little to do with life on earth.

Siggy's edgy parody basically says it all. Dealing with terror and terrorists is not a simple matter of negotiating to get the best possible deal.

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