Thursday, October 12, 2006


Dr. Wafa Sultan, who you might remember from this video here (and who I wrote about here) was recently interviewed by Ynet:
In a special interview with Ynet, Dr. Sultan described her life in Syria as 32 years lived in fear, “32 years stolen from me by fanatic Islam.”

In the March TV debate, Sultan called on Muslims to learn from the example of the Jews, who endured the tragedy of the Holocaust and forced the world to respect them for their knowledge and not by terrorism.

“By their hard work – not with crying and shrieking,” she said. “Only Muslims defend their religion by burning churches, killing people and bombing embassies. The Muslims need to ask themselves what they can do for the human race before they demand the human race to respect them,” she added.

Since the televised interview, she has been barred from Arab television networks, but she manages to penetrate the Arab and Muslim world through her website and with daily emails she sends to her supporters.

“You may not see an immediate effect to what I do, but I believe it will be possible to see it in two to three generations. In 300 years, the Muslim world will remember the name Wafa Sultan,” she is convinced.

Sultan cannot return to Syria, as she is certain she would be arrested on the spot. She would like to visit Israel, though, and expects to do so soon, she told Ynet.

Dr. Sultan escaped her confinement from within the prison of Islam. In completely unambiguous terms, she represents a voice of reason and moderation sorely needed in that backward culture.

It is typical that they cannot bear to hear what she is saying. See the entire interview here.

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