Friday, October 06, 2006


The irony is ongoing...

See here. And here (scroll down particularly to "Survival of the Slickest")

An anonymous commenter in the last thread brought up this issue:
Mark Foley is a homosexual pedophile pervert, and those who are so quick to support him ignore mountains of evidence. Discuss.

I don't support Foley. He has resigned. End of story. HOWEVER, how about the following proposition:
Islamic fanatics are lying, butchering and barbaric psychopaths, and those who are so quick to support their purported "rights" during war are ignoring mountains of evidence that they intend to kill or subjugate anyone who doesn't agree with their religious views. Discuss.

UPDATE: Another proposition to discuss: North Korea is being run by a lying madman who has close ties to Iran, and who would like nothing better than to provide the nuclear means by which said Islamic fanatics (mentioned in the previous proposition) are able to kill lots of Americans. Discuss

Discussion starts here and here.

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