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UPDATE 10/31/06 6:44am: In case you thought I was kidding, here are today's batch of headlines supporting the Democratic election storyline:
CNN - Poll: Stumping Not Helping Bush Popularity
NYT - Democrats Are Seen to Gain in State Races
AP - Voters Are Challenged in NY Race (those evil Republicand are already cheating even before the election!)
AP - Poll: Webb leads Allen in Va. race and Polls: Menendez leads Kean in N.J. race (AP)
NYT - A G.O.P. Leader and Star Struggles for Traction

Also, can anyone doubt that, if the story I linked to yesterday in this post "Dying to Vote", (which brought in the angry trolls even though I was being tongue in cheek) had data showing that by a 4 to 1 margin dead Republicans cast more votes than dead Democrats, that the headline of the article would have screamed that fact?

It's happening and anyone who is paying attention should be able to see it. The media have been spinning it for weeks now.

We have seen headline after headline proclaiming that the Republicans are in trouble and while there is some truth to this assertion, I am bored to death at hearing the media's broken record. Every day there is a new take on it; a new perspective we might not have thought about. A new poll proclaiming it every day and everywhere across the land. 24/7. We are innundated with stories about how everyone is deserting the Republican ship; how the Democrats are finally and justifiably poised to take back control; how the chances of maintaining a Republican majority are nil; zero; absolutely impossible.

The polls say so.

Democratic strategists say so.

The New York Times and The Washington Post say so. CNN says so. All the major networks say so. They say it every day, so they must be very very sure. which is pretty amazing don't you think, particularly since the election hasn't been held yet?

Pundits on the left proclaim that there is no way the Democrats can lose....


And this is where things get interesting for a psychiatrist. Because, if the red flag wasn't already waving in a psychiatrist's brain after such a sustained and straightfoward manipulation of one's opinion (ever heard of the saying that makes a person suspicious when someone dost protest a little bit too much?); then the next part of this little dance of manipulation would not be so sinister. Not only are the flags waving, but the alarm bells are going off.

The exception that the political left wants to make sure all of you retards out there are perfectly clear about is this: They want you to think that the only way the Republicans could keep their majority; the only way the Democrats would not "sweep" and take over in the 2006 midterm elections next week is...wait for it...if the Republicans cheated.

The first meme was simply annoying. The giddy self-congratulations; the constant reaffirmations by this and that poll, dutifully reported in the Democratic propaganda outlets at the Times and Post. The never-ending dissection of the public's obvious dissatisfaction with all things Bush and Republican.

Basically, I could just ignore such stupidity; particularly since I don't believe in polls, except of course for the actual election itself, which is the ONLY POLL THAT EVER MATTERS--at least in a democracy.

But now we have the second meme emerging just in time to swamp the MSM with all the allegations of future voter fraud. Here are three points:

1. We have been hearing repeatedly about how electronic voting machines can be manipulated. Now magically, days before the election, several videos have been released that show the testimony of some computer "expert" testifying before a Congressional Committee about how this could have been done in Ohio in 2004. And you know how he knows this? He knows it because the actual result of the election did not conform to the Exit Polls.

You got that? The Exit Polls are now to be regarded as more accurate than the actual election. Can anyone out there tell me the number of ways that Exit Polls might be able to be manipulated? I can think of several hundred, and not one of the manipulations would be "by changing the source code" (as the hired gun says in the video). All you'd have to do is get a few deranged leftists to interview the right (excuse me, the left) people for the accusations to start flying.

2. Then we have the demon-possessed people like Kos, who has helpfully set up a "voting fraud clearinghouse" in anticipation of all the Republican cheating.

3. Of course, there is the mandatory manipulation of Google, so that searches for "election fraud" helpfully have at the top of the page articles that assert that the 2004 election was "stolen"-- all of them notable leftist sites.

Folks, what we are witnessing is a coordinated attempt on the part of people who not only are not content to let the process of democracy unfold, but who intend to make sure that it unfolds in the proper way...or else. I am sure that the lawyers and rioters are standing by, awaiting instructions to make their moves in case things need to helped along in the correct direction.

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to be manipulated this way. I am good at recognizing it because I have worked with Borderlines, Narcissists, and Sociopaths for the last 30 years of my life in my profession. But never have I seen such a crazed and coordinated effort to make sure a particular political side wins the election, even if they lose. Because, all that will matter is their allegations of fraud. Truth will be ablsolutely irrelevant. History will be absolutely irrelevant. The left's documented election fraud in elections gone by will be conveniently forgotten, never to be mentioned--either this week before the midterms; or after the Kos Kidz make up their list of Republican evils.

No one will remember that in Wisconsin, there was documented fraud committed by the Democrats that was sufficient to throw that state to Kerry by a margin by less than the margin Bush won in Ohio. There was no outrage then about the Democrats duplicity. There will be little outrage this time around.

But let me tell you something about this clever little manipulation. You have heard me use the term psychological projection quite a bit on this blog. It is a very useful defense mechanism, especially for people who like to think of themselves as morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us mortals (as all the Cluster B personality types tend to do). This wonderful defense enable the people who use it to remain psychologically pure as they project their own deceitful intentions and despicable behavior onto someone else. You can think of it as "the best defense is a good offense".

John Fund, author a new book, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, released today from Encounter Books writes:
A note about partisanship: Since Democrats figure prominently in the vast majority of examples of election fraud described in Stealing Elections, some readers will jump to the conclusion that this is a one-sided attack on a single party. I do not believe Republicans are inherently more virtuous or honest than anyone else in politics, and I myself often vote Libertarian or independent. Voter fraud occurs in both Republican strongholds such as Kentucky hollows and Democratic bastions such as New Orleans. When Republicans operated political machines such as Philadelphia's Meehan dynasty up until 1951 or the patronage mill pf Nassau County, New York, until the 1990s, they were fully capable of bending — and breaking — the rules. Earl Mazo, the journalist who exhaustively documented the election fraud in Richard Daley's Chicago that may have handed Illinois to John F. Kennedy in the photo-finish 1960 election, says there was also "definitely fraud" in downstate Republican counties "but they didn't have the votes to counterbalance Chicago."

While they have not had the control of local and administrative offices necessary to tilt the rules improperly in their favor, Republicans have at times been guilty of intimidation tactics designed to discourage voting. In the 1980s, the Republican National Committee hired off-duty policemen to monitor polling places in New Jersey and Louisiana in the neighborhoods of minority voters, until the outcry forced them to sign a consent decree forswearing all such "ballot security" programs in the future.

In their book Dirty Little Secrets, Larry Sabato and co-author Glenn Simpson of the Wall Street Journal noted another factor in why Republican election fraud is less common. Republican base voters are middle-class and not easily induced to commit fraud, while "the pool of people who appear to be available and more vulnerable to an invitation to participate in vote fraud tend to lean Democratic." Some liberal activists that Sabato and Simpson interviewed even partly justified fraudulent electoral behavior on the grounds that because the poor and dispossessed have so little political clout, "extraordinary measures (for example, stretching the absentee ballot or registration rules) are required to compensate." Paul Herrison, director of the Center for American Politics at the University of Maryland, agrees that "most incidents of wide-scale voter fraud reportedly occur in inner cities, which are largely populated by minority groups."

Democrats are far more skilled at encouraging poor people — who need money — to participate in shady vote-buying schemes. "I had no choice. I was hungry that day," Thomas Felder told the Miami Herald in explaining why he illegally voted in a mayoral election. "You wanted the money, you were told who to vote for." Sometimes it's not just food that vote stealers are hungry for. A former Democratic congressman gave me this explanation of why voting irregularities more often crop up in his party's back yard: "When many Republicans lose an election, they go back into what they call the private sector. When many Democrats lose an election, they lose power and money. They need to eat, and people will do an awful lot in order to eat."

You see, both sides commit fraud and cheat. But what is so despicable and distasteful about the today's Democrats and the lunatic left that currently controls them is that they do it because they deeply and passionately believe they know what is best for this country. They do it because they are so much smarter, and know what's best for the all the rest of us. Whether we like it or not.

In fact, they do it because in their heart of hearts--deep down in the place they don't want to look at too closely-- they, themselves, are the worse kind of totalitarian/fascist thugs; but they have managed to delude themselves into believing that their virtuous and laudatory ends justify the use of any means on their part.

And, if they can't win honestly and fairly, they would just as soon drive this country into the ground if they must. But please, don't question their patriotism. They mean well.

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