Thursday, October 11, 2012


They are as deceitful, as moronic, as incompetent; and certainly as mendacious and as malicious as any male in an equivalent leadership position (Question: is it too politically incorrect to be astonished at the vapidness and stupidity of women in leadership today?)

PROOF 1 (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Chair)

(h/t Belmont Club)

PROOF 2 (Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter )

PROOF 3 (Susan Rice, UN Ambassador)

PROOF 4 (Hillary Clinton, you know who she is)

And, I don't need to post videos of
-Nancy Pelosi
-Barbara Boxer
-Cynthia McKinney
- the list goes on and on....

I AM WOMAN!...I weep for my gender. **

**NOTE: At least I never suffered under the delusion that women were superior to men and once women got into leadership positions the world would be a better place.


n.n said...

Further evidence that the concept of "diversity" can only be successfully described with an assumption of individual dignity. It's common use is based on a fallacious premise and has been exploited to marginalize the value and significance of the individual, male and female. This was either an outcome or corruption of the civil and human rights movements.

Lionell Griffith said...


Neither the civil rights nor the human rights movements considered anything but collective rights. Then only of a "special" collective. The concept of rights as only belonging to the individual was obscured and ultimately vanished from political discussion.

The fact is that collectives do not exist apart from the individuals within it. They therefore cannot have any attribute, capacity, or right beyond those pertaining to the individual members. Yet, when the collective is held higher than the individual, the individual disappears as a moral agent. He then can be sacrificed at the whim of the people pretending to speak for the collective.

The bottom line is there is ONLY individual rights without the distinction of civil or human rights being operative. The whole scene was a bait and switch con intended to achieve the exact opposite of the stated intent. It has been wildly successful to that end. Yet the actual concept of rights has been all but abolished.

For instructive detail, see Biden's claim during the Biden-Ryan "debate" last night: "they don't need it" as his justification for higher taxes on the wealthy. It was as if "need" represents an undeniable claim on the lives and products of others. The rights of those required to provide for that need is not considered relevant.

Jim said...

RE: Stephanie Cutter and the laughable defense of the video as cause of the violence.

She will get away with this.

Most of the Left has adopted the feigned outrage made popular by Bill Clinton. I was astounded when the media fell for the childish ploy then, but I now see that it works on most of the public, and is now a common crap response to almost any unsettling comment.

T said...


I offer it's not a gender issue (as you well know) it's a "toady" issue. Intelligence sublimated to to collective----Resistance is fu-tile