Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I never thought I would see the day that Liberty itself was crucified on the altar of political correctness; but I can now see the outline of the cross on the horizon:
On a day when Egypt is appeasing its mob by issuing arrest warrants for the people responsible for the film (a capital offense there, do note), this is what’s running in the biggest paper in Los Angeles. Turns out the author, Sarah Chayes, is a former assistant to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is no surprise. As Matt Welch notes, lately the strongest pressure on private citizens to limit their criticism of Islam has come from the top of the Pentagon. Bob Gates called Terry Jones when he first threatened to burn a Koran to ask him to stand down, then Martin Dempsey called him again a few days ago when the Mohammed movie broke big. Not content with asking citizens not to make Islamists mad, Chayes wants to blow a hole through the First Amendment using Supreme Court precedent so that they can be compelled to shut up.

The disgusting and fundamentally anti-American article from the LA Times referenced above, follows Administration thugs coming in the middle of the night to bring the blasphemer in for questioning; as a General in the U.S. Military calls some pastor to discuss his tendency to burn Korans.

Those of us who have noted over the years the cozy, ideological relationship between the political left and radical Islam are not surprised by this behavior (see here and here as only two examples--and there are many more on this blog). It makes perfect metaphysical, epistemological and ethical sense, since Radical Islam and today's progressive, postmodern leftists--led by the current President of the United States, sadly-share the same philosophical premises as any run of the mill suicide bomber. Only their behavior has not yet escalated to the violence of the bomber, since they do not yet have to resort to violence to achieve their sharia.

Make no mistake, however, this is the prelude to the end of America. A prelude to the end of the precious IDEA that is America.

In less than 4 years, the Bill of Rights is well on its way to being supplanted by Islamic blasphemy laws with the purpose of restricting free speech; while at the same time all the President's men and women are intent on limiting the rights of Christians to practice their religion in the public sphere; and turning a blind eye to Iran's dream of a world without Israel or the Jews.

The progressive dream of a "living, breathing Constitution" that can change with the whim of a future dictator can now be seen to personify that document so that it can once and for all be distorted, maimed and even murdered by the postmodern elite.

Mitt Romney is excoriated by a Rodeo Clown Media because he dared to speak several Truths (about dependence on government by almost half of the US population; and the unremitting Palestinian and Arab hatred of Jews and Israel) that no one in the medial or on the left wants to hear.

When Truths are gleefuly proclaimed as gaffes; when Islamic terrorism in Egypt and Libya and around the globe is treated as if it were a criminal matter, instead of a matter of national security; when speaking out against Islam in the United States of America is treated as a possible crime by our own government; when our "free" media thinks the big story is Mitt Romney's daring to criticize Supreme Leader Obama when our Libyan Ambassador and others are murdered and the black flags of Al Qaeda fly over US embassies around the world; when you have a privileged, entitled jackass like Sandra Fluke (who demands that you pay for her birth control) highlighted and celebrated by a major political party--then you know that the American idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is coming to a catastrophic an end, not with a bang, but a whimper.

The very essence of America is what is at stake this November.

It may already be too late to turn things around. I hope not. Four years ago, I would never have thought it possible, but now I think that it is more than probable. We have been dragged to the edge of a moral, political, and economic cliff.

If Barack Obama were running against a dishrag, I would vote for the dishrag.

UPDATE: Here is the video of Mitt Romney, which supposedly is so controversial. Quite frankly, I like him even more as a candidate and don't think his views are particularly extreme since they are based on truth. In particular, I liked the foreign policy aspects of his remarks and am reassured that he is not spineless or apologetic about American exceptionalism and power--like our current CIC. (NOTE: There is some controversy about whether this has been selectively edited by Mother Jones)


LL said...

I'm glad that you're back.

LL said...

I'm glad that you're back.

Anonymous said...

The American people have certainly learned their lessons in tolerating the intolerable quite well. Remember the furor over Cat Stevens in 1989, when he made statements that explained why a death threat against Salman Rushdie was justified under Islamic law? 1989 was really not so long ago.

Those who are too young to remember the nationwide backlash against Cat Stevens might like to read the following short post at Wikipedia:

For a typical example of the public's reaction to Cat Stevens, see the following LA Times article, which reported the firing of a local radio DJ because he refused to promote a record-burning sponsored by the radio station:

Most Americans today can't even find the spirit to say boo to barbarians who have raped and murdered an American ambassador and three citizens. Many don't even get upset when police harass a man in a public park because Muslims nearby might freak out over his little dog.

Anonymous said...

Follow up:
Well, the LA Times has certainly changed their attitude since 1989 and their Cat Stevens record-burning party.

The LA Times doesn't believe the "Innocence Of Muslims" video qualifies as free speech:

Judith Lown said...

It's good to have you back, Dr. We need you more than ever.ompsfy

D S Craft said...

The Progressives/current administration and Islam need to have their hands forced on the question of free speech. I would like to see not one, or ten, but dozens of like videos come out simultaneously, each one mocking and criticizing Islam and Mohammed.

Peccable said...

A wonderful bright flame is again publishing. Glad to have you back.

Brett_McS said...

Sanity indeed.

I don't think the left ever 'got' the American idea. That becomes obvious once they gain power.

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing to see you back at it.

I made a comment to a friend of mine when the OWS movement began that liberals will one day embrace sharia law. I firmly believe that liberals will be more than happy to do so if it means a lock on the reins of power in the United States of America.

Iron mixed with miry clay.

Regards said...

Romney is right and he's wrong.

He's right that there's too much dependence.
He's right that there are large portions of people that will only vote for Obama (the same going for him, write-ins for Paul, etc).
He's right that the fight is over the middle-ground of critical thinkers.

What he's NOT right to do is pander exaggerations.

This is just another example of his lack of integrity.

Both Obama and Romney are equally "evil" in the sense that neither have integrity, both want to continue and further the trampling of the constitution (they've both admitted this via their support for unconstitutional policies and bills), and they're both proven failures as executives in government.

Romney's experience in the private sector DOES NOT give him the same experience needed for government.

Calling him a "job creator" is like calling a cow a plant expert because he eats and expels manure.

The jobs created by Romney were never a goal, they were a CIRCUMSTANCE of him looking for the profit wherever it was.

Obama is the same way. He doesn't deserve credit for ending any wars when he actually promoted staying longer than we were there even though there was nothing else to do except waste more tax payer's money building a nation when ours is crumbling.

They are exactly the same in the worst ways.

To claim it any other way is to have fallen for the 2 party duopoly that wants you to get excited about voting for the lesser of two evils... so regardless.. both parties have 40-60% of the power in this country regardless.

Don't ignore one person's flaws and pay attention to the others so you can feel more patriotic and noble about your vote when voting for "evil" has gotten us where we are.

Code3 said...

Brilliant! Sad, true, and brilliant.

flynful said...

I stop by this website every day in the hope that you will begin posting again.


Don't stop.

Ausprepper said...

Mitt may be the lesser of two evils but it's for naught anyway.
Your national debt and national moral bankruptcy (on averge) has gained more than the momentum it needed to sink y'all.
Sad to see though. You had a good run.

Anonymous said...

The long march is nearly complete.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Regards, allow me to enlighten you.

"The jobs created by Romney were never a goal, they were a CIRCUMSTANCE of him looking for the profit wherever it was."

Just like every other job that has ever been created in the history of the world.

Or will be created for that matter.

It is really not that complicated - I'll use short sentences and small words to explain it to you...

No one is going to pay someone to work for them unless they believe the return they get will be greater than the salary they pay... ever.

Congratulations, you are now smarter.

Regards said...


The words you quoted by me was pointing out that fallacy that is implying "Romney is a job creator!" which people use to rally around him... when in reality he is as much a "job creator" as a cow is a "plant expert". They're giving him credit on knowing how to lower unemployment when he doesn't know how. He supports all of the things that are hurting the economy... TARP, Bailouts, The Fed, expensive and needless wars we can't afford, foreign aid to countries that attack and kill our citizens, etc etc.

You misunderstood the point and then argued against a point I never made.


Come back when you want to reply to the point I actually make rather than to something obvious we all already know.

Brett_McS said...

Regards said: "The jobs created by Romney were never a goal, they were a CIRCUMSTANCE of him looking for the profit wherever it was."

Newsflash, buddy. Jobs are never the goal of investment. Creating jobs is merely a possible by-product of the search for profit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Regards,

Apologies if I misinterpreted your argument.

Allow me to try again:

All his shortcomings aside (and he has many), Romney IS a job creator - he has done the only, only, only thing which has ever created a job - pursue personal wealth for himself.

If he is elected, will he remove the obstacles that prevent people from doing exactly what he did successfully in the private sector?

Beats my pair of jacks. Plus I doubt it.

But no number of inapt analogies will alter the fact that in private life, through pursuit of wealth, Romney created jobs.

Now, if you are saying that those jobs were only created as a by-product of his chasing a dollar, I agree and refer you back to my previous entry - no job was ever created by any other means.

Hope this clears things up for you.

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Welcome Back Doc!