Sunday, September 23, 2012


Americans apparently are not permitted, even in our supposedly free society, to say anything nasty about Islam, Mohammed or Allah.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that Christianity, Jesus and God are fair game for attack.

Americans are not permitted to question how peaceful Islam is--even when hordes of its adherents appear to believe that it is not only "OK" to kill innocents in the name of their vicious god, it is a moral imperative to do so.

And, Americans, at least, no longer have to wait for CAIR or other "peaceful" Muslim advocacy groups (it's in quotes because the juxtaposition of "peaceful" and "Muslim" is oxymoronic) to file the appropriate complaint with the appropriate politically correct organization in the oh so politically correct Obama administration--We have a President and a Justice Department who will do it for them!

Can a UN Resolution denouncing blasphemy against Islam be far behind? And, why wouldn't Obama and his UN mouthpiece Susan Rice (who beclowned herself on all the networks recently) support such a resolution in solidarity with the "peaceful" nations of Islam who are demanding that this happen, even as they persecute Christians and Jews and any other religious beliefs in their own countries, cites and homes.

As the late Christopher Hitchens noted "The useless and meaningless term Islamophobia, now widely used as a bludgeon of moral blackmail, is "testimony to the effectiveness of all of the horrific violence and intimidation, including public beheadings" done in the name of Islam's god.

The truth is that "Islamophobia" is not a phobia at all-- it is a completely rational fear of an insane and irrational movement that threatens to swallow the world. Being afraid of the "religion of peace" after the innumerable acts of violence, terror and depravity committed in the name of its god across the globe is not an exaggerated response to its savagery; it is not at all inexplicable; and most certainly it is not illogical in the slightest.

Being afraid of ruthless moral savages who fanatically believe in Islam as they continually denounce and limit freedom of speech and thought; as well as spit on all the key values of Western civilization, is far from a phobia--rather, it is a natural response to the sad reality of Islam as it is practiced in much of the Middle East and around the world.

This is not to say that there are not some rational and reasonable Muslims who decry what is being done. I'm sure there are many. But they cannot or will not stand against the violence for long. They are simply too cowed and frightened by the thugs who we see on TV day in and day out who speak for Islam.

And, who wouldn't be? These same moral savages think nothing of killing those in their own religion if it suits their purposes: especially if they question or disagree with the brutality.

The leaders of the Islamic world have long desired to mandate a sort of meta-Islamophobia--i.e., an Islamophobicphobia, that is, to inculcate a horrific fear of even making the slightest criticizine Islam for fear of being thought Islamophobic and therefore beyond the pale..

There is much written both in the Middle East and in the West about the proposition that Islam is "under siege" and that hatred of Islam is a rising concern. Riots, let alone mere complaints against individuals who satirize and mock the religion are getting all too common. The delicate sensibilities of Muslims are so finely tuned for any possible affront to their religion, their sad little prophet, or their blood-thirsty god, that they appear to be unable to appreciate that killing people indiscriminantly in the name said god or prophet only demonstrates their own moral, cultural, and religious bankruptcy.

If Islam is "under siege" or becomes so, its practitioners have only themselves to blame. I am sure that I am among millions and millions of those who didn't give a single thought to Islam or about Mohammed prior to the last 11 years. I rather liked my life being Islam-free, Mohammed-free and mostly Allah-free.

But now that they have forced me to think about them, I can see that "live and let live is not one of their beliefs; rather, it is "submit or die."

I do not intend to do either.

Those those who deny the reality of the threat of Islam to freedom and civilization; or prentend that it doesn't exist are not only reluctant to admit that the wave of terror and irrational hatred sweeping the world is specifically associated with the religion of Islam; always seem to immediately blame the victims of the terror and the objects of the irrational hatred as the one's responsible for its existence.

Islam and its teachings are frequently given a free pass by both the political left and the always submissive media. Shouts of "God is Great" that precede each atrocity apparently have nothing to do with what is written in the Quran.

It is getting harder and harder to keep a straight face at the knee-jerk denial and sanctimonious utterings of the Obama Adminsitration and its minions, let alone organizations like CAIR and UN "human rights" committees, who encourage and enable the violence and terror in the name of some bizarre quest for acceptance from the savages.

Meanwhile, as institutionalized anti-semitism becomes all too acceptable and its putrid hate seeps like a toxic cloud into all the nations of the world, all reasonable peoples can see the Islamic noose that begins to tighten around Israel, surrounded on all sides by nations of moral savages. Meanwhile, our enlightened left, including many deluded American Jews, only seem to be able to see the actions of Israel as threatening to world peace.

The Obama Administration has sold Israel down the Euphrates River (or maybe the (De-Nile River). On the surface, it seems inexplicable and unreal; yet, the progressive, postmodern left feel oppressed by Christianity and Judaism/Israel for one reason and one reason alone: the ideology of the left and that of Islam are fundamentally similar.

Both intend to impose ideological sharia on the world, if they can get away with it. Both are willing to use the other to help them do it; and both reject reason, objective truth, and reality as a matter of ideological and philosophical principle.

Each responds to criticism and mockery in the same manner--one with the ubiquitous charge of "racism" and the other with the equally ridiculous charge of "Islamophobia"

In using these "dogwhistle" epithets to attack anyone with whom theiy ideologically disagree, they forget that it is only dogs who are structured to hear that kind of whistle to begin with.


Anyone who by now has not realized that most Muslims, by reason of their deafening silence alone, have given carte blanche to the fanatics in their midst, is either completely out of touch with reality, or living on another planet (e.g., planet Obama).

The leftist doctrines of Multiculturalism and political correctness, of course, are on their side in this bizarre Muslim sense of entitlement.....which is exactly why all of a sudden we are seeing multiculturalism being rejected in many parts of Europe for the leftist scam it is (see here and here for further discussion of how the left has aided and abetted Islamic fanatics by making it easy for them to undermine western values and institutions--hell, the left sees them as an important ally in that regard).

So, let me say for the record that I utterly reject being labeled as "Islamophobic". Rather, I have a healthy, rational fear of a religion that aggressively seeks either my submission or death and will fight with every means at my disposal to stop the spread of their toxic ideology.

I have a healthy fear of a religion that accepts the deliberate torture and murder of those they deem "blasphemous."

Anyone who accurately highlights the ongoing barbarism and moral depravity of this religion should be celebrated in the West--that is, they would be, if the countries and leadership of Western Civilization still had any moral decency or sense of morality at all.

But the moral compass of Western Civilization was long ago perverted by the postmodern political left and their moral relativism.

And another thing: the word "Islamophobia" is bandied around as if it were somehow a complementary concept for Muslims, similar to what "antisemitism" is for Jews.

This is objectively not the case.

There has been no wholesale exploitation or abuse of Muslims anywhere in the world--except by other Muslims (Saddam and the Taliban come to mind; as well as all the other oppressive regimes in the Middle East, like Libya, Iran, Lebanon, Syria etc.). There has been no genocide of Muslims--except by other Muslims . There have been no systematic outrages perpetrated on the people of Islam--except by other people of Islam. Palestinians suffer (and have suffered) more at the hands of their "sympathetic" Muslim brothers and sisters in other countries of the Middle East--none of whom can be bothered to allow them to live in their own countries except in "camps" (several generations of Palestinians have now lived in sordid and primitive conditions in Lebanon and elsewhere because of the "generosity" and "support" of their Muslim siblings).

And further, if you are someone who believes Israel has oppressed the Palestinians; consider just for a moment the fact that the poor Palestinians would much rather kill Jews and each other than work to better their own lot in life--even after multiple Israeli concessions for peace.

Let me be clear that I am not saying that real Islamophobic behavior cannot be the result of projection or paranoia on the part of some individuals or groups. For it is the case that ANY CONVENIENT GROUP MAY BE USED TO PROJECT ONE'S OWN UNACCEPTABLE FEELINGS ONTO. Historically, however, it has been the Jews who have been the recipients of such pathology.

The leaders of Islam appear to suffer from a bad case of "victim envy"; for all intents and purposes desirous of acquiring the label of victim even as they go around victimizing the rest of the world with their suicidal rage; and even as they plan the final solution for the demonized Jewish population.

Objectively, there is just no case at all to support the idea that other groups are systematically or institutionally "projecting" their own unacceptable feelings or acting out toward the Muslim population at large; nor are the scant number of individual cases of prejudice very compelling either; despite the unbelievable rhetorical flourishes of the political left and other Islamic radical apologists.

On the contrary, there is much evidence to suggest that the world is trying its best (perhaps trying too hard) to be decent and give as much leeway to Islamic anger as is possible; and is even bending over backwards to make sure Muslims understand that they are being treated equally, or even more equally in some cases, with all other religions and groups. How's that working out, do you suppose?

When "Islamophobia" is used as a bludgeon to accuse and attack anyone who makes the mildest criticism of Islam--no matter how well-meaning that criticism may be--the attack becomes yet another psychological projection by Muslims that deflects and hides their own sense of shame, humiliation and inferiority.

I seriously doubt that Islam or Arab culture would have any impact on the world today; and the rest of the world could comfortably watch as that culture rushing toward primitivism and obsolescence was eventually consigned to the dustbin of history.

In the end, both anti-Semitism and the accusations of Islamophobia are parallel symptoms of a single disease that is running rampant in Islamic countries and among those raised in a religion that thrives on hatred and violence, but somehow manages to believe in its heart that it is loving and peaceful and following the will of God.

No amount of leftist PC sunshine and lollipops can change the fact that Islamic culture enables and encourages the worst of human nature; as does the whole anti-human, anti-reality, postmodern progressive agenda.

I suppose it would be way too much to hope for that President Obama would courageously and aggressively defend freedom of speech and stand up for America's values instead of apologize for them when he speaks at the UN this week--but I can dream, can't I?

UPDATE: Pakistan says it is time for the US to "rethink" free speech. I would dearly like to have the President of the US tell them to go to hell. I certainly have no problem passing on that message to them.

UPDATE II: I agree with VDH: Please, Mr. President, no more apologies for free speech.


RJ said...

I see you have once again put on your uniform and grabbed your weapon of choice, the pen.

Allah will not be happy to learn you are informing others of realities supposed to be kept in the dark...not a racist comment.

Evil is in our home, and his name is B. Hussein Obama

Anonymous said...

100 years from now, what will the history books have to say about the collapse of the former United States of America? Will they identify the cracks in the foundation? Will they list the forces, both outside and inside, which brought about the bringing down of the walls? Will the Barbarians have been correctly identified? I am reminded of that quote (excuse me if I don't know who said it) "We have met the enemy and they are us" paulajeanne

Anonymous said...

100 years from now, I wonder what the history books will have to say about the collapse of the United States of America. Will they identify the cracks in the foundation? Will they list the forces, both outside and inside, which brought the walls down? Will they have corrrectly identified the Barbarians who tore down the gates. I am reminded of a quote (forgive me if I forget the source) "We have met the enemy, and they are us"

Anonymous said...


Clinically precisely correct. The defense mechanisms displayed by the Left [ denial, projection] are primitive, and diagnostic Indicators that they are minimally functional in a real world.

Given the Reality of Islam, they will wake up one day to find that taqqiyah is over, and that they are the targets of jihad.

They will convert or pay the jizyah tax; few will oppose the Religion of Pieces and risk the sword. Sad, since the ranks of the Left are chock-full of the social "lifestyles" that Islam hangs, stones, tortures and kills.


bernie said...

Sadly there are not enough Americans who see Islam for the backward, savage, violent, primitive ideology it really is.

BTW, I quoted portions of and linked to your article from mine: The Moral Savages of Islam

The Phantom said...

Dr. Sanity, excellent article. I submit however that radical Islam is not much of a threat to the West -without- the Left paving the way for them. As you say, prior to 11 years ago few of us knew what "Allah akbar!" even meant, or would have cared had we known.

Multiculturalism and the Left I submit is the true danger, not a bunch of barbarians. Iranian nukes and missiles are built with German machine tools, from American designs, by people educated in England and Canada.

Reliapundit said...



So, let me say for the record that I utterly reject being labeled as "Islamophobic". Rather, I have a healthy, rational fear of a religion that aggressively seeks either my submission or death and will fight with every means at my disposal to stop the spread of their toxic ideology.

I have a healthy fear of a religion that accepts the deliberate torture and murder of those they deem "blasphemous."