Thursday, September 20, 2012


You've got to give the Obama campaign credit for grandiosity, if nothing else, with this latest form of self-mutilation designed, one assumes, to show the proper adoration of The One and his policies. As, Jonah Goldberg remarks, why stop at a mere marker that can wash off?

For True Believers, why not make your support permanent? A tattoo? An implant? The options are legion!

And, just imagine! If the Obamessiah by some divine miracle actually wins the election despite the incredible damage he is doing in this country and the world, why shouldn't such a public declaration of support and adoration become mandatory?

I can see it now, the mandatory "O" marking us all as his loyal minions

Wait...this sounds familiar somhow....haven't I read about this somewhere before?


Must be my wild imagination.... but you have to admit, it is creepy.

UPDATE: The creepiness continues: Let's all pledge allegience to The One!
(h/t Instapundit)


Wayne M said...

It is creepy.. I tweeted this.

Wayne M said...

It is creepy indeed. I tweeted this.

Dave D said...

What really creeps me out is that these (half of our voting population, apparently) REALLY beleive that these guys want cleaner eneergy, a better world, etc. They want control. Of us. They are spending 1.6 trillion dollars a year more than they take in and passing it on to our kids and have NO idea how to fix that. They blame the right for ruining the world with pollution, etc., yet THEY are the ones ruining our future.