Sunday, September 30, 2012


For the last 5 years, the media have shielded Obama from any real scrutiny, protecting their messiah from all potential criticism; abdicating their journalistic responsibilities because they were too busy worshipping The One and dedicating their less than sacred honor to maintaining their delusions about him. Charles Krauthammer speaking recently on the Fox News Special Report All Star Panel said::
“The role of the media in the campaign, they’re an auxiliary of the Obama campaign, they ought to relocate to Chicago to save travel time. If you look at specific issues and how they’re covered, for example, in Charlotte, the removal of Jerusalem from the statement by the party versus the huge amount of coverage that Republicans were given over the abortion language. Or, for example, look at the way the media covered the ‘bump in the road’ comment which if Romney had made would have been a story for a week, versus how they covered the Romney statement when the Cairo Embassy issued a groveling statement about free speech and the video on the day of the first riot outside the U.S. embassy.

“The coverage Obama got on his gaffe, which I think was a major one, was minimal, almost ignored. The Romney story lasted for three days, at a time when the U.S. policy in the region was in collapse, which is almost entirely ignored. I think what we saw in the poll and how people conceive this is exactly right. They watch and they see and it’s quite obvious which way the bias is going. In 2008, you could excuse it as saying they were in the euphoria of the Obama campaign, the idea of the historic advent of the first African-American to the presidency. What is the excuse in 2012?”

[Political cartoons by Glenn Foden}

Euphoria, however, is hardly an excuse for journalistic malfeasance. Let's just call the shills of the media what they really are: The Obama PC Clown Corps.

It happens I've written a little ditty for them to keep their morale high this campaign season....


(sung to the tune of the "Marine Corps Hymn")

From the Halls of Academia
To the Shores of Hope and Change;
We wont't fight our country's battles
Cause war is so deranged;
But we'll fight for social justice
And to spread the wealth around!
We are proud to claim the title of
An Obama PC Clown.

Our progressive cause is all the rage
From dawn to setting sun;
And the dilly-dally dithering
Hides the barrel of our gun;
In the snow of far-off northern states
And in sunny southern towns;
You will find us always on the job--
Obama's PC Clowns.

Here's a toast to our great CIC
Whom we're so proud to serve!
And we'd stand up for our way of life
If we only had the nerve;
If Pelosi, Reid and all the Democrats
Ever doffed their little crowns;
They would find their asses** covered by
Obama's PC Clowns.

**Good suggestion in the comments! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Brava! Except in the next to last line, I would substitute "asses" for "backs". paulajeanne

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Anonymous said...

We need electric clown cars...that catch on fire.

Anonymous said...

This fills a hole in my thought process when discussing corrupt academia. It seems easy to believe a 22 year old kindergarden teacher may be so clueless as to not understand reality unfolding but a 60 year old tenured professor , assumingly schooled in critical thinking, should not get such a pass. If you 'circle talk' to them, eventually the truth comes out that they are doing what they do for personal gain. I have seen the cricle talk end in rage and tears though, just as the author mentioned.