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Andrew McCarthy, explaining how a 14 yo girl raped by a relative, died while receiving her mandatory 100 lashes (READ IT ALL, PLEASE):

When I catalogue the horrors of sharia, I frequently hear in response that I am oversimplifying it, that I am relying on incorrect interpretations (oddly said to be inaccurate because they construe Islamic doctrine “too literally”), or that I fail to appreciate the richness and nuances of sharia jurisprudence that have made it possible for moderate Muslims to evolve away from the law’s harshness. Some even claim sharia is not a concrete body of law, just a set of aspirational guidelines — as if Sakineh Ashtiani, the woman sentenced by an Iranian court to death by stoning, will merely be having advice, rather than rocks, thrown at her.

These criticisms miss the point. I don’t purport to have apodictic knowledge of what the “true” Islam holds — or even to know whether there is a single true Islam (as I’ve said a number of times, I doubt that there is). But that’s irrelevant. It should by now be undeniable that there is an interpretation of sharia that affirms all its atrocious elements, and that this interpretation is not a fringe construction. It is mainstream and backed by very influential scholars who know a hell of a lot more about Islam than we in the West do. That makes it extremely unlikely that this interpretation will be marginalized any time soon.

As I have said before, SHARIA ( شريعة ) is a simple black and white issue. You cannot support the vicious humiliation and institutionalized oppression and subjugation of women and then claim that Islam is a religion of "peace"--or, that you are compassionate and champion the oppressed.

McCarthy is absolutely correct in saying that almost all mainstream "scholars" of Islam support such atrocities, and even encourage them.

And then there is the curious attitude of today's neofascist, postmodern and multiculti political left, which is perhaps not so curious when you consider that their goals of detroying Western values and traditions are eerily similar to those of Islam.

I had a recent argument with a so-called "feminist" of my own generation, who claimed that women under Islam actually have it far better than women in the West! We women in the backwards U.S., she contended, actually have to worry about being raped all the time, while women under Islam are protected from this indignity (see McCarthy's article above for clarification on this issue). This imbecile really and sincerely meant what she was saying, too; at which point I sweetly agreed with her and wondered why she chose to live here in the primitive U.S. when she would be so much better off in Iran or under a burka somewhere where she couldn't accidentally inflame the passions of men by her mere existence?

Of course, when you understand that currently influential elements of the political left are completely convinced that every aspect of the West's culture is inferior to any other culture, then you begin to understand why the specter of sharia and 'submission' to the dictates of oppressive Islam loom rather menacingly-- even where individual freedom is valued. This situation is partly motivated by the fear of being attacked or killed if you criticize Islam in any way whatsoever; and probably even more driven by the idiotic doctrine of leftist multiculturalism (which is finally being politically denounced in Europe which has already had to live with its insanity for some years).

As we in the West willingly silence artists, writers and critics of Islam; give Islamic customs special preference in our public schools, gyms and even our public bathrooms; we are only happily paving the way for our own cultural destruction. In truth, we are not simply tolerating Islam's cultural practices, we are suborning our own so as not to give them offense.

Muslim avocacy groups (like CAIR for example) are nothing more than an advance recon units for Al Qaeda-style jihad, disguised as self-righteous and terribly oppressed Muslim 'moderates', who use the cry of "Islamophobia!" as a political strategy to disarm their critics.

Well, if it is Islamophobic to wholeheartedly denounce and condemn a religion and a set of religious laws that could condemn a child for being raped, then count me in. I think it is less phobic and more Islamodisgusted and repulsed at the barbarity.

Those who want to impose sharia and institute a worldwide Islamic caliphate have taken the pulse of the enemy infidels' current crop of leaders, and know that it is weak and irregular.

They must be disabused of the notion that their crusade to obtain special status for Islam under the law has any chance of success.

Islamic front groups have cynically used our most precious freedoms in order to marginalize those freedoms, and they have been getting away with it because of multiculturalism and political correctness. When those two strategies don't work, then the fear and intimidation inevitably kick in. But in Europe and here in the US, there is a growing backlash--particularly when atrocities like the one Mccarthy describes above are widely publicized--and such behavior only succeeds in hardening the resolve of people like myself to actively oppose their coercive and cynical manipulation of our free society.

And to condemn their behavior.

Once upon a time, I could have cared less about Islam and what any Muslim believed or how they lived--as long as they left me alone. Now I have a strange and compelling desire (my "difficulty in dealing with authority", I suppose) to organize groups to "Flush the Quran" and "Mock Mohammed". Blasphemy is not only the right of a free citizen, it is a sacred duty in cases like this; and if a particular religion doesn't like it, they can suck eggs and boohoo into their non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

No religion (or secular group, for that matter) or group of religious leaders steeped in paranoia and ignorance are going to have a free pass to treat human beings like chattal; or to project their own screwed up sexuality and impotent manhood onto 14 year old girls, or women of any age.

All sorts of possible non-PC civil disobedience flash through my mind; because quite frankly, submission has never been one of my personality traits ; nor is it common in the American character.

Islam may find our lack of faith in Allah disturbing, but they have no magical powers to make me or anyone else conform to their religion unless we ourselves give it to them.

It is time to firmly reject sharia and tell the primitive throwbacks who demand us to submit to their medieval ways to take their religious beliefs and religious law an stick them where the sun don't shine.

Screw that. Civilization has come a long way, baby--and sharia and the religion that birthed it suck big time.

As for the leftism and leftists who support, encourage and enable the slow destruction of Western values and freedoms in the name of 'multiculturalism' and 'peace' and all things politically correct--you people already have a lot to answer for; and sometime soon, you will either have to come to terms with the fear and hate that motivates your appeasement; or you will finally have to admit to yourselves that the submission, selflessness and worship of death offered by Islam is the religion you have been searching for all along.

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