Friday, May 08, 2009


The assault on young minds by the political left feverishly continues. The left understands clearly that if they can subvert the young; indoctrinate them early, then they will be good little leftists for the rest of their lives (assuming they are prevented from ever having to think for themselves--something the Obama Administration is intent on making sure happens.

The basic principles of the plan are simple:


  • Keep students from kindergarden on--but especially college students--economically illiterate and specifically ignorant about capitalism and the wealth it creates; while touting the "social justice" and "superior ethics and morality" of socialism.

  • Ashley Herzog discusses "Socialism, College Style":
    If you’re baffled by college students’ enthusiastic support for Soviet-lite economic policies, you need to watch several short videos created by members of Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

    In the videos, YAF members approach their classmates with a petition calling for the redistribution of student GPAs. “It would make it so that all students have an equal opportunity to go to grad school,” University of Oregon YAFer Kenny Crabtree explains. Students with bad grades would therefore be entitled to points earned by straight-A students.

    Their classmates are flabbergasted.

    “Is that, like, a joke or something?” one guy responds.

    “Why would you take points from people who are higher up and give them to people who didn’t meet the requirements?” another asks George Mason University YAFers. But when asked if he supports Obama’s wealth redistribution schemes, he says “yes.”

    Shocking? Not really. As I pointed out in my March 30 column, most college students are economically illiterate.

    Here is the YAF video referred to above. It's worth watching:


  • Take complete control of the curriculum and make sure that it only teaches "ethics"--or rather what the leftist "progressive" view of ethics and morality happens to be.

    Jeff G. at Protein Wisdom is trying not to gag:

    – Which, predictably, is a euphemism for “adopting progressive positions” — and proscribing conservative thought in the process as necessarily unethical.

    Unethical thought, it follows, is hateful — the practical effect of which will be that it is just, from an “ethical” standpoint, to remove conservative positions from the marketplace of ideas, ostensibly to avoid giving offense to those who are responsible for determining “hate” (or “extremism”): the serially uncomfortable, the (actually) intolerant, the intellectually doctrinaire and/or incurious… the “interpreter” to whom we have ceded the control meaning…

    But no worries. Remember, conservative thought is a malady of the limbic brain and thus can be treated once identified. Think Jack Nicholson at the end of Cuckoo’s Nest.

    Oh, brave new world, that has such ethical speech guardians in it…!

    Gah. Pass the soma.

    Actually, we should probably put antipsychotics in the drinking water of our colleges considering what toxic ideas they are aggressively pumping into our children. As he suggests, academia is fast becoming just a factory for churning out more liberals carefully prepared to have only the "correct" PC thoughts.

    Of course, we have known for some time that this is exactly the kind of educational system that would only be encouraged in an Obama Administration.


  • Last, but certainly not least, is this insidious idea that is the equivalent of "socializing" college--much the same way that Obama and Associates are socializing the economy and taking over companies right and left.

  • From an April 24th story at CBS NEWS:
    President Barack Obama on Friday renewed his call for the government to stop backing private loans to college students and replace them with direct financial aid to young people, a challenge to a decades-old program with strong congressional support.

    Obama's plan to eliminate the Federal Family Education Loan program could save $48 billion for taxpayers over the next decade, but critics warn it could turn the Education Department into a national bank. Lenders and some college officials oppose the proposal, which Obama backed as a U.S. senator and pushed during the presidential campaign.

    Of course, there is a little catch to taking the money from the government. Isn't that nice? I suppose that he expects after the K-12 indoctrination programs and the carefully constructed "social justice" curriculum, that college students and graduates will become good little workers for the state.

    Oh, brave new world...coming to you soon on a college campus nearby!

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