Saturday, July 10, 2004

Mental Status Exam -- The Republicans

Yesterday I posted a MSE on the Democratic Party. In order to be fair and balanced (eat your heart out Fox News!) I will now proceed to a MSE on the Republicans:

APPEARANCE - Impressive multicultural/multiracial cabinet; balding (Cheney); and have not been accused of being "sexy".
BEHAVIOR - a little too defensive about their policies
SPEECH - NOT ENOUGH speech! They should be working day and night to get out the truth in their daily public interactions, and countering the media blitz about their supposed "lies". Why they haven't is somewhat mysterious....
MOOD - upbeat generally; perhaps a bit too smug
AFFECT - generally appropriate
THOUGHTS - not paranoid enough publically; seem to have a good handle on the status of things in the world. Willing to admit mistakes (e.g., Rumsfeld); appropriately aware of the priorities in protecting this country and not afraid to use every possible means to do so (except for possibly holding back a bit on military might) No current suicidal ideation or intent (unlike their Democratic counterparts).
ORIENTATION - September 11, 2001
MEMORY - have not forgotten the 3000 Americans killed on 9/11. Long-term and short-term memory appears intact generally
CONCENTRATION - able to multi-task within the resources they have at their command.
INSIGHT - able to put current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan in appropriate context and aware that the War on Terror/Islamofascism may require some time--even (gasp!) years to conclude. Unwilling however to ask for sacrifices from the average American, however and trying to pretend that we should go on with "business as usual" in spite of involvement in two wars and running up a significant deficit.
JUDGEMENT - Overall strategy is sound, but have mad many tactical errors; fortunately people at the lower levels seems resilient and able to adjust and correct some of the more egregious tactical mistakes. As noted in "SPEECH" they have not spent nearly enough time explaining the logic and strategy behind what they are doing and tend to be too defensive all the time.

AXIS I - Adjustment Disorder with mixed emotional features (watch for signs of depression or paranoia)
AXIS II - some evidence of anxious personality traits; contrary to media hyping about "pathological lying" they appear to genuinely believe in what they are doing.

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