Monday, July 26, 2004

How to Elevate the Quality of Public Discourse

From Polipundit, click on their video link to watch how Teresa Heinz Kerry put into immediate action her plan to elevate public discourse.  The ultimate irony, since she just finished giving a talk on how un-American (yes, she actually used those words) it was not to be civil to one another. She actually went back to a reporter who had asked her to clarify her "un-American" comment. Good Grief!  Is there anyone on the Left who has any psychological insight at all?


Claytonian said...

so her statement might imply that non-americans are uncivil. But hopefully we can look at it another way. We can say that Americans strive to be the ultimate example of civility, and anything less than striving for that would be below us as Americans; everybody else can strive too, but this is what we want.

Did that make sense?

Dr. Sanity said...

Yes, Clayton, I agree with your point about what Americans should strive for in their civil discourse. The point about Mrs. Kerry is that she had just given a talk about that subject, yet deliberately went back to confront the reporter who had asked her for a clarification of one of her statements. "Shove it" is by no means the most uncivil of responses she might have used, I admit. VP Cheney used even less civil words to Sen. Leahy--but he hadn't just given a speech passionately advocating increased civility in our political discourse.