Monday, July 26, 2004

A Holiday from Reality

Mark Steyn over at the Chicago Tribune, makes some good points about the backwards -looking Democratic Party.  I think it is important to consider some of the issues Steyn brings up in his column as the Dems begin their National Convention this week in Boston.

"What matters is where we're headed, not where we were. And, in that respect, John Kerry is still looking through the rear window. Not so much because of his remarkably poor choice of advisers -- Joe Wilson (the Politics Of Truth fraud), Max Cleland (with his schoolyard cries of "Liar, liar!") and Sandy Berger (with his pants on fire) -- but because Kerry's prescriptions (the U.N., the French) are so Sept. 10. A holiday from history is one thing. The Democrats are now embarked on a holiday from reality."                         

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