Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Obama's personal endorsement of Gay marriage was embraced by the political left as evidence of his "evolution" on the matter (I saw it more as "gay for pay", but then, I'm rather cynical); but there is no reason to suppose that his position on this or any other issue is not continuing to morph into anything he needs it or himself to be.

We get some idea of President Obama's theory of "evolving" from this:
In that conversation with Wright is compressed the whole of Barack Obama’s problematic process of evolution. Things that are to most people fixed points of life are garments to be thrown on and off with him. He changes his name. Adopts a definite racial identity when he might have claimed a more mixed ethnicity. He changes religions — though Wright is ambiguous on the point — shedding one persona only to adopt another like a shape-shifter assuming a new form. He does all this with alacrity of a man changing his shoes.

All of us change over the course of our lives, but for most of us it is gradual and nothing like the frenetic transformations that the President of the United States puts himself through. Barack Obama’s latest evolution on gay marriage shows that he is not done shape-shifting yet. He is still a work in progress.

But the conversation with Wright illustrates the perils of too rapid a change. Someone gets left behind holding the empty clothes. In this case it was Jeremiah Wright who found himself on the floor like a piece of used Kleenex. For the trajectory of Obama’s personality changes do not describe a Random Walk. The paradigm shifts he undergoes are directed. They never go from a position of greater power to lesser. The changes may alter all else, but in the respect of power the progress goes only one way.

And whatever blocks the way had better yield.

Isn't it interesting that the more information we find out about this tabula rasa that was elected POTUS in 2008, the more frightening is the thought of him serving a second term....?

I say the word frightening because Obama is definitely not the kind of person to whom I would entrust either my country or my personal well-being.

I could (almost) understand 2008 when he was a bright, shiny new thing with no past (worth looking into anyway) and a supposedly glorious future (as described by the gullible media and other adoring fans). But anyone who votes for this incredibly egomaniacal man in 2012 is asking deliberately asking for big big trouble on the economic and international front--and who knows what other surprises he may have in store as he further "evolves."

I encourage any and all efforts to mock the overweening and undeserved self-regard that sadly drives this peculiar faux messiah.

History will certainly make mincemeat of his evolving omni-incompetence.


RJ said...

I am retreating into the local woods until November, when I will come out (no pun intended...) to vote while hoping someone legit counts all votes honestly and correctly.

Obama needs lots of couch time. He won't get it, though.

We are stuck with what "we wanted" in this mess which Obama mirrors to us every day in every way that he can!

It is our problem, not his. We are the idiots here, at least the majority who voted for Obama.

So the reality will be to discover if a "new majority" of American voters vote to restore sanity at a national level via a new top leader.

As I look around at my neighbors, I am not so sure they wish to abandon their dreams as presented via the golden voiced semi, demi, homo sapien god...Obama-Mao!

Into the fire...without even a bottle of water!

'This U.S. Citizen' said...

The November election will finally give us the percentage of the people who are reasonable and the percentage who are the truly clueless or choose to live outside of reality.

Supertradmum said...

He had a past before 2008, as I lived in Illinois for awhile, and watched his rise with disbelief. He was always all show and no go, as it is said....

I am concerned that his glitzy friends in Hollywood are really his friends, and not political geniuses. A good leader surrounds himself with great thinkers. Even Zuckerberg knows this--duh. You might enjoy this blog today. Where does Obama fit in this blogger's trio of types? There are probably more as well.

Anonymous said...

My supervisor (department chairman) for 16 years was a malignant narcissist, yet I believe that he would have done a better job as POTUS than Obama. That benchmark shows just how ridiculously bad Obama is.