Sunday, May 20, 2012


So sayeth the Obamessiah. I will take him at his word, though I think he compares himself to the Almighty....

[Political cartoons by Michael Ramirez]

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RJ said...

The so called "progressives" who used to be known as liberals and who reside within the Democratic party, have been and continue to play a game of appealing to "groups" as a method to gain and maintain political power. At the end of the tunnel within which these people have been marching, there resides a light turned on many years ago by Karl Marx.

It is their light of truth, these progressives, liberals...err democrats. Don't expect them to ever admit such a truth.

Watch the events they stage and the obvious directions of energies they promote: The conclusion of all such games lead to only one command: You do what I think is best for you!

It's the old game of "master and slave" is it not?

Funny, our down for the slave blood by way of Kenya and Hawaii Obama-Mao is a groupie metro-sexual from the word go!

One group going up against another, cheered on they their "intellectual" leader Barry! Don't expect him to show up for the real fights, where blood will run, where lives will be lost, where dreams will be killed.

No no, he intends to lead the "committees" that will decide how you are going to live your lives.

It's what a commander of "czars" does!

It's also where cowards can come to hide, yet feel so powerful.

It's the place where "little big men" come to play sometimes.

Beware, you are and have been in danger, as is your lifestyle and so your dreams. Evil is at your door!