Thursday, May 17, 2012


Maybe he is 1/32 Kenyan and just wanted to make friends?


Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Check it out.

Makes you wonder what else is out there about old tabula rasa Obama that the media never bothered to check out, doesn't it?

UPDATE: "A simple mistake."

This is obviously some definition of the word "simple" that I haven't encountered before.

And, no one bothered to correct it until 2007, 16 years after the fact and prior to Obama's run for President.


Ex-Dissident said...

Well, a Harvard law professor falsely claimed she was an Indian princess. Why couldn't Obama embellish his bio too?

RJ said...

Let's say for argument's sake that Obama was in fact born outside of the borders of the United States, and that according to our Constitution he was never eligible to become President. What now?

The "super con" has taken place! Those who we historically expected would be "digging" for truths failed in their job performance. What now?

Harvard, Princeton, and other "higher learning" institutions also failed in coming forward. What now?

And finally, what would such a reality say about the "Democratic Party" in that they put forth this person? What now?

Answer: Oh well! (How many say this line?)

The game would continue--for if one recalls, it has been the "progressives" who have shouted out that we need the UN to control more of America's actions, that we need more "world laws" to enter into our American legal system, and that we should allow "illegals" into our country.

Who is our enemy here? Change you can count on!

And people now say Obama-Mao is an "amateur" right?

Look what this metro-sexual and his team have done since gaining political power...

No amateur could accomplish this without a willing and ignorant public.

"My wife doesn't understand me, the check is in the mail, and I'll only put..." Sure pal, your eyes were open from the first moment when Obama-Mao offered up those sweet sweet words, those honey laced thoughts you just had to have!


Grandpa Dwight said...

Let's think about this a little deeper.
1. It will take a bit of time to dig through this mess and settle it, so that should keep Biden out of the WH. GOOD
2. It might mean at the end of the process we erase everything he did the past four years, including the czars, other appointments, findings, bills signed into laws, everything, and start all that stuff over again. Like Groundhog Day. GOOD
3. It means we seek recovery from the DNC and all federally elected Democrats of the monies mistakenly expended in salaries, support staff, expenses, Air Force One junkets, everything spent on him and on his behalf during the no-longer-recognized term, including liens on 50% of their future earnings, applying all such recoveries to tearing down the national debt. GOOD
4. It means we ask our cousins across the pond to send the bust of Winston back over. GOOD
5. It means we fish the remains of OBL back out of the water and set it up in residence somewhere until we can organize a new raid to take him out again. MIXED

OK, I'm not seeing too much of a downside here. Let's go for it!

Ex-Dissident said...

The simple mistake narative is a joke. According to the submission policy of that literary agency, writers are required to write their own bio. For whatever reason, I think that in 1991, Obama wrote that he was born in Kenya. Furthermore, I doubt that it was the only place he made this claim. This is likely the main reason that his school records are sealed.

I still believe that he was likely born in Hawaii, but with his multiple social security numbers, identity fraud is something that comes naturally to this sociopath. Anyway you slice it, he was lying about his identity at various times in his life.

Was there some advantage to representing his birth-place as something other than the US?