Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am going on vacation for a week over to Pismo Beach, so blogging will be light to non-existent for that time... after all, everyone needs a little sunshine!

And, speaking of sunshine, in the spirit of shining some light into dark places, here's Bill Whittle (h/t American Digest) on the enigma of Barack Hussein Obama.

To be honest, what's on BHO's birth certificate has always a secondary and relatively unimportant aspect of thereally critical questions that needed to be asked and answered about the left's metrosexual messiah: e.g., what substance, if any, lies beneath the carefully-crafted, fiercely controlled facade of this media-created personhood? What is the real history of Obama/Soetoro/Barack/Barry? And what is the true character of this man who came to mean all things to all people and who is now the President of the U.S?; Obama burst on the political scene like Athena springing forth full grown and fully armed from the head of some anonymous Zeus. He is a man who came out of nowhere; with no real accomplishments except a glib tongue and a exaggerated sense of self importance....

Personally, I find his appeal rather inexplicable; and his power over the useful idiots of the left rather frightening...even more so after two years.

Stay tuned for Part II from Whittle (not out yet).

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