Monday, January 11, 2010


"You see, good liberals occasionally slip in their parlance due to stress or by accident, and to no real worry; bad conservatives like a Lott or George Allen give valuable windows on their foul souls when they similarly lapse into insensitive speech." - Victor Davis Hanson

The Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton lapses in racial sensitivity are intriguing mostly because it is always illuminating to discover what the "champions of the oppressed" REALLY think about blacks, women, gays, the handicapped, and other minority groups they supposedly "champion" (i.e., by "champion" they seem to mean that they intend to "help" them remain victims for life).

This is the kind of casual racism and sexism that has become the modern foundation of the Democratic Party. By manipulating Blacks, women, the Gays, and [insert your favorite victim group here] they have fashioned for themselves a 'rainbow coalition'--or to put it another way, a' politically correct' path to power that actually actively promotes racism, sexism--and any other prejudice they can think of--all in the name of eliminating or opposing racism, sexism and prejudice. Wow! Again, you have to marvel at the power of the unconscious. Their rhetoric says one thing, but their policies and their behavior end up doing the opposite.

In other words, they bring about and make worse the very thing they claim to be opposed to; but at least in the process they temporarily enhance their faux self-esteem and reinforce their sense of superiority and virtuousness.

As President Obama commented, what matters is that Reid (and presumably all the other Democrats who make racist, sexist or insensitive remarks about blacks, women or gays) is a "good person" and (get this) has "always been on the right side of history.". Or as some person on TV commented in an interview (I forget who), Reid can be forgiven because he's "always fought the good fight."

Honestly, these people are completely without shame. Even when they are defending themselves and claiming that, by their very nature DEMOCRATS ARE MORALLY GOOD, their underlying message is that the other side (i.e., Republicans etc.) ARE EVIL, MORALLY INFERIOR and therefore UNFORGIVABLE. But they--who have forgotten, rewritten or ignored their own history--are fundamentally good people who had a momentary lapse.

At least Republicans who fail to live up to their moral standards are ashamed when exposed and do the right thing (e.g., typically resign or end their public service) and their fellow Republicans encourage them to do so. Not Democrats!

They are far too psychologically blind and refuse to accept that they have any racist, sexist, or homophobic thoughts. Their belief in their own superior and virtuous moral righteousness borders on the delusional. I maintain that Democrat souls are just as "foul" as Republican ones; but when exposed, Republicans tend not to deny the reality that abruptly and inconveniently broke into their conscious awareness. The Democrats have been drowning in their self-delusion and denial for many years now.

Of course, that's exactly the reason they do (and have done) so much damage to the individuals and groups they claim to champion.

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