Thursday, August 20, 2009


Recently I wrote a post about the psychology of imposters that was mostly prompted by a woman posing as a doctor at a townhall meeting. However, it's recently become clear that we have an entire news organization posing as journalists.

Patterico notes:
I heard a radio program last night where Rod Dreher and an editor from the American Spectator both allowed Eric Boehlert and the liberal host to tar Republicans with the “they call Obama a Nazi!” brush. The American Spectator editor, to his credit, pointed out that Bush was called a Nazi for years, but nobody piped up to mention that the Obama/Nazi crazies always turn out to be LaRouche supporters.

Allahpundit has done a great job reminding us of a few points we all need to keep in mind as the Eric Boehlerts and Tim Ruttens of the world try to paint Republicans as fanatics who uniquely demonize the president as a Nazi, call for him to be killed, and such....

All this manipulation and lying is to support the left's racism narrative.

Meanwhile, Zombie reminds of of recent history, so carefully ignored by the left in their frenzy of projection.

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