Monday, February 23, 2009


Michael Ledeen has discusses our new hopeychangey foreign policy:
I see where Amnesty International and the other human-rights organizations were shocked when Hillary sold out the Chinese people the other day. Perhaps they will now say the same about Senator Kerry's glorious appeasement swing through the Middle East, kissing, wherever his lips happened to settle—UNRWA (serving as a Hamas proxy), Dictator Assad, and so forth—proclaiming that we want to "talk to everybody."

But that's a deception. This administration has no apparent interest in talking to democratic dissidents, or even talking about them. It's all about power; they want to talk to the rulers and the autocrats; their own kind, in short.

Which is where the Left has arrived at the end of its long journey from the Revolutionary Parliament in Paris in the 18th century. Its ideology, as Hegel forecast, having been rendered irrelevant by the changes in the real world, they can no longer explain the world, let alone change it effectively. So they are left with an insatiable desire for power. As we once said about a failed Republican president, they are not very good at the "vision thing." They just scramble around trying to grab whatever they can, and from time to time emerge with incoherent babbling about "cowardice on race," claims that tax increases are actually tax cuts, promises about reducing the deficit that they cannot possibly accomplish, and appeasement of our enemies, since somebody else once advocated support for freedom around the world.

Ledeen calls Obama's foreign policy team "a bunch of elitist snobs." I would refer to them as morally and intellectually bankrupt--because that is what the Democrats with their "progressive" leftist ideology have evolved into. The leftist ideologue now in the White House thinks of himself as a 'pragmatist', but frankly, for all his education and glibness, he's an idiot; and if this represents a new sort of "therapy", then we are all psychotic now.

Psychiatry used to be all about helping people get back in touch with reality and facing unpleasant truths, so that they could live their lives more effectively. It used to be about turning "hysterical misery into ordinary human unhappiness"--not flipping a psychotically depressed person into a psychotic mania.

But our new "Therapist in Chief" has a plan which will bring happiness and love into the difficult lives of the people of the world. Obama himself is the new religion, and he aims to be the opiate of the masses.

He and the intellectual giants he has sent round the world to spread his message are busy rhetorically "undoing" the 21st century and rewriting history and reality so as to sedate the population and eliminate all that fear and anxiety floating around.

They have shrewdly calculated that a large majority of Americans would prefer to pretend that there is no danger; there is no war with Islamic fundamentalists; and that everything is now going to be hunky dory because that Republican monster in the White House is no longer in charge.

My goodness how the nation suffered under George W. Bush!

When Obama came into power, the Constitution was practically in shreds. On a daily basis, Hollywood stars were imprisoned because of their courageous efforts to stand against the evil Darth Cheney and BusHitler. How fortunate that Sean Penn is now proud to live in this country again! He made a point of saying so last night at the Academy Awards as he accepted his Best Actor statuette. I'm sure he can't wait to show it to his friend Hugo.

And don't forget those "Christofascists" who had almost completely taken over under the last Administration and how the American population was forced to go to church, praise the Lord, and carry to term those pestiferous unwanted babies. Everywhere, gays and women were persecuted and oppressed.

The economy is obviously in the toilet, and if it weren't for the new $$$Trillions that our courageous Obama is bravely spending to get us out of debt and ruin, we would soon all be in the poor house. Capitalism has failed! (even in all those socialist and communist countries that we intend now to emulate; and who continue to be much worse off than the U.S.)

And, let's not forget the historically large numbers of troops who have been killed fighting an enemy against whom it is just not possible to win! Didn't that moron Bush know that people die in wars and that the war in Iraq was LOST? What a monster. And not only were all those poor, oppressed suffering troops dying for a lost cause, they were also raping, pillaging and torturing innocent civilians who never wished to harm us (just go to the movies and you'll see it all there in black and white and color). But, in a few short weeks, Obama has fixed all that.

What about our deteriorating our national image and alliances! Ruined and in tatters. The French and Germans [used to] hate us. The UN always seemed to be pissed off at America; as were almost all those peace-loving, terror-sponsoring states in the Middle East and around the world! And here we are finally able to get our credibility back with the regimes in Iran and Syria! What could be more important than that? We are even taking part in international anti-semitic hatefests again! Who knew that all we had to do to regain credibility with the totalitarian regimes of the Middle East was to sacrifice a key democratic ally in the region!

Clearly the correct solution to all these horrible problems was to elect Obama and get rid of the Republicans. Now we can at last go back to the peaceful sleep of the Clinton WonderYears--or was it the Carter WonderYears? I forget, but either way, we'll be much better off.

Obama has built us a bridge back to the 20th century!

His strategy is a simple one, commonly referred to in my profession as psychological denial, but these days postmodern pundits of the left egged on by psychology eLITEists have repackaged denial and psychological blindness as reality-based progressivism.

The left has been sleepwalking through history for some time now, and with the election of Barack Obama, America is now joining them in their sleepwalk back in time to those thrilling days of yesteryear when political giants like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were effectively "dealing with terrorism"; a time when "being tough on terrorists" was simply a matter of bombing a few aspirin factories in the 3rd world and standing up to Saddam Hussein. Whatever.

It made so much more sense when Bill Clinton did it and said it; and his tough actions prevented any attacks from happening in the U.S., didn't it? And who could forget Jimmy Carter's brave and principled stance for freedom; especially the kind of freedom promised by thugs like Hugo Chavez or peaceful groups like Hamas?

Don't answer those questions--don't even think about them. I wouldn't want anyone's head to explode,

Real history moves forward in time, not backwards; and the implications and consequences of what happens today can't always be assessed for years to come....but you try to stay awake and do the best you can in the moment.

Let me cut to the chase. I've said it before, but never has it been so obvious. The Democratic Party has lost whatever anchor it once had in the real world and is blowin' in the wind. It has become the party of nothing; led by vapid nothings, who stand for nothing. Pragmatism? This is psychosis.

If their insane behavior weren't so predictable based on inevitable outcomes of the 'principles' they pretend to espouse, it would be quite painful to watch.

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