Friday, February 06, 2009


And they say they are against torture....??

[Cartoons by Eric Allie]

UPDATE: Gee, this is great:
The $780 billion figure doesn't include the $46.5 billion in amendments added to the stimulus bill this week. According to our numbers, the deal is at least $827 billion, $7 billion MORE than the House passed bill. With debt, that comes to $1.175 trillion total cost for the new deal.

Only in Washington can an increase over the original bill cost be sold as a cut.

This figure includes:

$780 B (for base deal)
$46.5 B (for amendments added during debate)
$348 B (for debt service)

Total equals $1.175 Trillion

To put that in perspective, the total cost of House bill is $1.168 trillion ($820 billion for bill and $348 billion for debt service)

Only in Washington could a bill be considered a "compromise" when the other side wasn't even invited into the private session to discuss it.

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