Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Speaking of facing reality...my daughter and I got in last night from Tampa. When we left it was 83 degrees. When we arrived back in Ann Arbor, it was lightly snowing and temps were in the low 20's. This morning it is 11 degrees. Brrrrrrr.

No wonder so many people prefer to live in a state of denial! What I can't figure out is why they live in Michigan?

Before we left Tampa, we spent the day at Legends Field, the spring training camp for the NY Yankees (did I mention that we are fanatical Yankee fans?). My daughter was in 7th heaven and was less than ten yards away from her hero, Jorge Posada. We got autographs from Hideki Matsui and Goose Gossage (who was there to help with the pitching staff) and at least 250 pictures of Jorge.

What a blast! Being able to sit in the sun at a baseball park in February is fabulous; and, there was no admission charge! And doing it all with your daughter--priceless.

Excuse me while I go back into the fantasyland in my head for a while....

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