Wednesday, October 24, 2007

THE LEFT'S Savage Secret

Never ones to miss an opportunity to dress up as drama queens, leading leftists are once again racheting up their rhetoric and swooning over the evils of George W. Bush--blaming him (and "his" war) for the horrific fires in Southern California.

Think I am kidding? Check out here, here, and here if you have trouble believing it.

None of their rhetoric has, or will have, anything remotely to do with reality; but hey! The left feels strongly and passionately about something, therefore, it becomes real for them.

We are living in a police state! Bush is Hitler! Christians are trying to impose a theocracy on America. We are being persecuted! Blah blah victims blah oppression blah fascist blah blah blah! And so on and so forth.

I have written multiple times about the narcissistic histrionics and exaggerated emotionalism of today's left (see here and here, for example). We saw a lot of this sort of hysterical emoting during Hurricane Katrina, where the left was determined to transform a natural disaster into an indictment of their hated political opponents on charges of racism, insensitivity, and even "genocide".

Remember the 1984 movie Romancing the Stone, a romantic comedy from 1984? In the opening sequence, a dramatization of Joan Wilder's book The Savage Secret, an evil cowboy named Grogan (Ted White) storms in on a sexy damsel in distress named Angelina (Kymberly Herrin). Angelina, about to be raped by Grogan, tells the audience that he killed her father, raped and murdered her sister, burned down her ranch, shot her dog and stole her Bible. She then kills him and, pursued by Grogan's brothers is rescued by her one true love. They ride off into the sunset, stage left.

This is a typical romance novel plot--exaggerated for dramatic effect, shallow but enthralling at the same time--and it introduces the comedic tone of the entire movie.

I was reminded of its excesses yesterday, and by the similarities of that particular scene from the movie and the left's neverending comedic script about another "evil" cowboy, who "killed" their presidential candidate; "raped and murdered" women's rights", burned down southern California (and flooded New Orleans); "shot" their donkey, and stole the high moral ground right out from under their feet.

They will ride off into the sunset when their beloved "Jesse" wins the White House, symbolically slaying all those awful cowboys who took it away from them.

That's what the political left has become folks. A lough-out-loud, bodice-ripping farce of a movement, whose scriptwriters seem to always get carried away by the emotion and drama of the moment.

Which brings me to hysteria.

Hysteria is a concept characterized by a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms that result from dissociating one's cognitive functioning from one's emotion and/or behavior. The psychological defense that makes this happen is known as dissociation.

For the hysteric emotions are primary and are not subject to an objective reality.

When we speak of someone becoming "hysterical" or "histrionic", we are talking about behavior that exhibits overwhelming or unmanageable emotional excess.

Welcome to the wonderful world of feelings, nothing more than feelings (cue music), where there really is nothing more than feelings at play.

This is a world where there is no objective reality or truth; a world where, if you believe something is true, then it is. In other words, it is a world where something can be considered "fake but accurate" or where captured enemy combatants in the middle of a war are considered in a "gulag"; or, where a "religion of peace" beheads people; is so terrified of women's sexuality they must "liberate" them by forcing them to wear sacks over their bodies; and which promotes blowing yourself up in a crowd as a devout religious act.

A variety of altered states of consciousness may result from the dissociative process. In one dissociated or hysterical state, sleep-walking (sonambulism), the person appears to be out of contact with his environment, is seemingly unresponsive to external stimuli, and in many cases appears to be living out a vivid, hallucinated drama.

Drama of any sort suits the hysteric's modus operandi extremely well. The drama is designed to mask the fact that the individual is in psychological denial; and, as I have noted previously,
at the center of all psychological denial is a hidden agenda. That agenda is usually not completely conscious--meaning that the denier has not thought through the issues surrounding his denial; and may not even be aware of what his motivation is in asserting something is true when it isn't; or false when it isn't....

And that is their Savage Secret.

UPDATE: Of course we all know who's fault global warming is; and that it would have been dealt with swiftly and firmly if Gore were president.

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