Monday, October 29, 2007


UPDATE: Tonight's podcast has been archived and you can listen by clicking on the button below. There were some technical glitches that made our live listeners not able to hear the podcast after about 12 minutes; but the entire podcast (plus some out-takes in the last 2 minutes) is available at the link.


Siggy, Neo, ShrinkWrapped and I will be on live tonite at 8 PM Eastern on BlogTalkRadio. Topics will include Political Narcissism (there's a lot of that going around) and perhaps some psychological commentary on Mark Steyn's column from yesterday, War Like Life Is Not A Movie.

Click on the button below to listen live beginning at 8 PM tonite, and feel free to call in to talk to any or all of us at (646)716-9116:

BlogTalkRadio Listen Live

Listen every Monday evening at 8 PM. Our archived shows can be found here. Do you have some ideas you want us to discuss? Then leave a comment!

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