Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Reason To Be Proud of the US Military

In light of this, this, and this

Shouldn't these people --here, here, and here, to mention just a few-- be rather ashamed?

(photo of a US National Guard Officer looking for survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans)
Of course, the Left has always been oblivious to the role the US military plays in humanitarian efforts all over the world. Varifrank (hat tip: nbretagna)reminds us of this incredibly important role taken on by US military personnel.

For most Americans, these ongoing and essential humanitarian activities, routinely engaged in by the US miliary--at home and abroad-- are simply more reasons to be proud of and grateful to the men and women who volunteer in the various military services and who risk their lives protecting ours every day.

Who knows? Perhaps without the aggressive efforts of the campus groups and the Hollywood in trying to prevent military recruitment efforts all across the country, more personnel would have been available to help rescue people in New Orleans and surrounding areas?

I figure that there is no reason for me not to engage in such speculation, particularly since those who routinely demean and slander our military, somehow seem to expect that they should always be instantly available for relief, search and rescue, and even providing law and order where necessary at their whim.

As Varifrank comments:

You decide which of the two has fed more people in need,

Our Navy or George Soros.
Our Navy or Bono
Our Navy or the UN
Our Navy or the ‘Peace Corps’

Thank God for the United States Navy.

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