Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It seems that all my posts recently have had the theme of psychological denial.

But clearly I am mistaken about this. It's not just simple denial by any means.

Like a bacteria that has metamorphed into a "superbug" which no antibiotic can kill, the supermegahyper denial that is rampaging around the world, infecting almost all countries appears to be unable to be stopped by any rational antidote.

The golden hour has passed and events are now out of our hands:
At the moment the United States seems to be talking from a position of impotence. As Lee Smith wrote in the Weekly Standard, “the Obama administration can’t do a damn thing.”[....]

Russia has been accused by Hillary Clinton of arming its allies with attack helicopters. “A shipment of attack helicopters is “on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday. But it is unclear what the administration, having given its warning, will do for an encore.

All it can do, for the present, is lead from behind, a strategy which is looking and less and less effective.

Like a set of dominoes poised to fall, Egypt is on the brink; Syria, fueled by Russia and Iran could ignite a war with Israel (via Hezbollah) to distract the world's attention from its own atrocities; Iran still pursues the means by which to destroy Israel and the US; and Israel--well, Israel's hand is about to be forced by the impotence of the U.S. and other democracies of the west.

Meanwhile a second set of economic dominoes in the west is also set up to imminently fall over: Greece and Spain are on the cusp; Italy is right behind them; Germany is becoming frustrated and feeling abused (and we all know where that has ended twice in the last century); and the U.S. is impotent to act and risks its own implosion as the Obamaniac elites keep steering its course for the nearest cliff.

But then, maybe I'm too optimistic about all this.

Wretchard thinks that none of this is inevitable. But, I think not only is it evitable, but it has probably reached a point of no return simply because events are moving way too fast; and the indecisiveness and lack of moral and psychological clarity is so pervasive, that the infection of supermegahyper denial is about to prove lethal.

The administration has checkmated in such an epic manner as to beggar the imagination. Ordinary stupidity could hardly have effected such a comprehensive disaster. Mere imbecility would have been insufficient to the task. Only an arrogance that mistook ignorance and incompetence for “smart diplomacy” could have achieved such a train wreck.

And the most astonishing thing is how they are proud of it. Just how poorly the West has been served by its leaders is the shown by the smug satisfaction with which they’ve destroyed its wealth; corrupted its culture and embarked on a fantasy energy policy. What threat? What problem?

I hope I'm wrong. But who is there to lead?


RJ said...

Ever think why there are lawyers who specialize in "divorce law"? How often does one read that after divorcing a former mate comes forward to lament how "things got so out of control" and how "confusing" the last part of the marriage seemed to be; yet divorce still took place.

After you are done inflating the economy, you are still left with the bills, right? What's your next move?

"I won't pay some of these bills"...leading to hiring another lawyer who specializes in "bankruptcy law".

However, nation-states don't do bankuptcy in a normal fashion...they revert to starting a fight, creating a displacement game where all get exhausted as everything around the citizens seems to collapse and wealth goes to zero for most, but not all.

Winners and losers, a neat little game that gets played out every day.

"I dare you to shoot me, I just double dare you!" Bang...

"I never thought you would do that!"

We elected a guy for president who has a "major hard-on for America" and won't stop doing "his stuff" till he wins or loses. It's reflective of many who live in America.

Just look at his immediate buds who daily support his every move, both those in public and those in secret.

Might it be the same in other countries? The angry come to power and do their out the anger.

Fighting is just one stage on this road...death and destruction is the end game.

Get ready...

vanderleun said...

A day may come when the courage of men fails,

when we forsake our friends

and break all bonds of fellowship,

but it is not this day.

Dr. Sanity said...

I sincerely hope it isn't; and that it isn't in the near future....

Lionell Griffith said...

As always, while men are still live they have the power to choose a better path. Do they have the will? Do they have the knowledge? Do they have the courage? Do they have the love of life?

It all turns on the answers to these questions. For far too long the answer has been no. If the answer does not change to yes, as RJ says "death and destruction is the end game."

Still, men are alive and have the power to seek a better path. It is possible that it is not the end.

RJ said...

Math still works, and with math one can measure realities, yet be unable to predict the future, only guess with limiting risks, etc. Accountants live in a math world, as does the insurance line of business.

Now, think of the "pension game" for just a moment: Retire and we will pay you so much every month, till you die. Look to insurance tables to see expected life ranges, etc. Limit the risk, set aside the funds for an aggregate medium, diversify investments...oh baby the game is so much fun!

A friend of 40 years history had a statement about getting girls (years ago) that I've never forgotten: "I'll fill her head full of sh*t!"

How many women that were seduced by men would never come forward to reveal how the process of seduction was worked upon them? And don't think that women haven't played such a game either...

Now, let's go to our "hard working" government employees: Notice that we are now "listening" to stories of "compensation for working within government" and becoming more than alarmed at the "games" and "great deals" given to this group of fellow citizens.

More than a "ballon payment" in the mortgage business, this "pension" game relates to promises made for "downfield realities" in more ways than one.

Take another look at motorcyle, bad husband Jesse James: Recall his palm tatoo "pay up sucker" and then think of his game needs, etc. A one way street for him, right?

And so it is with our political class, at least for this generation, perhaps the previous and hopefully not the coming. on steroids with control.

"It was always there, I just never wanted to see the truths!"

Steve D. said...

Still, men are alive and have the power to seek a better path.

It would take upwards of 1% of the population in order to make this happen.

Your assumption is that men are still alive. Where do you see such men?

Supertradmum said...

What saved Middle Earth were love, sacrifice and a vision of goodness outside of material wealth and power. The power of the Ring had to be destroyed. It is only when we realize that we must, as the Good Book says, "die to self" and not be part of this generation of entitlement, that we begin to come out of the deceit and into the truth.

I think most people are afraid to lose whatever they think they have gained for a greater good. The greater good is not a socialist ideology or a communist "manifesto", but the dream of all humans to be loving, kind, gracious, forgiving, humble.

It is not too much to hope and to wait---the battle is not over, nor is the war. Have hope, but it may be in something or Someone you did not expect. Only God can meet the longings of our minds, our spirits and our hearts. It may be too late for all things to survive, but Middle Earth, even after pain and loss, grew again under the rule of real men and women, willing to sacrifice, not for power, but for the others...."The people without a vision perish" Proverbs 29:18. We must have vision. Some of us do, and it is not of a messianic, feel-good materialism. It is not a vision of power, either. I am, of course, thinking of the Babe in the Stable. I hope you do not mind me being to upfront about my vision, which is not mine,only by adoption.

DeanFromJoshua said...

As a Christian I see things in a spiritual context and am of the opinion that Scripture sheds light on this dilemma. As with an individual’s conscience, countries have a collective conscience. Within that conscience, the courtroom that governs the soul, we find the spiritual influences that can be easily dismissed by free will. It boils down to the conflict of “want’ and “ought” and gavel will always fall to the greater desire. This country with its share of warts and scars has historically fell to the “ought” side of judgment. I believe to the credit of its Christian origins. Over the course of American history a small weak demon has whispered in the ear of the collective conscience of this country and it has grown strong over the years. For many years this demon has been held back and kept weak by the Holy Spirit speaking through His Church. Small battles in the middle of the nineteenth century and greater battles through the last century were won by this demon. This demon, Liberalism, has convinced a great number of individuals that “want” is much more important than “ought”. His subtle ways have convinced those who follow him that a selfish and impatient entitlement that masquerades as the pursuit of happiness has the social benefit of caring for those who do not want to care for themselves. He has forged a relativism that commands preservation even at the expense of reason. He has taken over entire denominations of Christianity by redefining words like love, morality, tolerance and sin. He has created incredulous minions whose individual conscience is seared to the point of denial you spoke of but make no mistake, the end game, the ring in the clip you posted is Christianity. If He can control the children of God, truth will be what anyone wants it to be. You optimism is well founded though, there are signs of revival. Even if revival fails God will leave a remnant if the country falls apart and unless we have come to The Day of Judgment, that remnant will be the ones who will rebuild the wall of protection. God is sovereign despite the free will of mankind

DeanFromJoshua said...
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