Sunday, October 24, 2010


I definitely agree that what we need now is a Tom Lehrer, who
...never shirked from irreverent confrontations with the absurd, maudlin veneer of political correctness that has now become institutionalized in the West, smothering free expression with laws and regulations and censure. Honesty is now taboo, enforced in the 21st century with a new and far more menacing dimension: fear of retribution by Islamic mullahs and splinter terrorist groups.

So, here's to Professor Lehrer and his extraordinary irreverance! My, it was liberating...and, since NPR can't fire me, here's my meager contribution to the cause:


First you get down on your knees
Beg your captors "Pretty please?"
Bow your head in great respect
So they can cut it from your neck

They can kill you for blasphemin'
Stone you till you're really screamin'
Every other moron is quoting from the Quran an'
Doin' the Islamist Rag!

If you want to use Islamic law
You must have a deeply comic flaw;
But then some Iman gets to see ya
And dispense some great sharia

If you're facing marital strife
The Quran says to beat your wife!
One, three, five, seven
Virgins wait for you in heaven!

So get down upon your knees
Beg your captors, "Pretty please?"
Bow your head with great respect
So they can cut if from your neck.

Allah, peace be on his name
Does not want you to feel shame
So start beheadin' ain't no use dreadin'
Just doin' the Islamist Rag!

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