Thursday, October 21, 2010


In the post "The Victimhood Heirarchy; or, the Leftist Food Chain", I wrote:
From the perspective of the socialist utopian, what matters more than Women's rights or Gay rights,[or Black rights-- any individual's rights, for that matter] are the rights of the designated "oppressed culture." The dogma of multiculturalism trumps the lesser dogmas of feminism or gay pride. This is probably because for the socialist utopian, might makes right and the needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few--and the few better remember that fact, or else.[*ref: Juan Williams]

In the socialist utopia, there is no room for individuality or personal preference; or tolerance for differences. You always must subsume yourself to the collective; and the bigger the collective, then the more power victimization can be exploited.

If you needed more evidence that Islam has percolated to the top of the Left's victimhood food chain--other than the fact that they can abuse women and gays with impunity and nary a word of condemnation from the left--then observe how instead of condemning this sick culture, the left positively trips all over themselves defending it against people like Bill O'Reilly or Juan Williams.

Wretchard today writes about the return of "blasphemy"; and you should read it all. This is his conclusion:
The rise of blasphemy probably mirrors the most unremarked phenomenon of the 21st century: the comeback of religion. Not only have Christianity and Islam risen with unprecedented speed in the Third World, but Western equivalents such as Communism and Environmentalism are now subliminally established as state religions in “progressive societies”. This is the modern age of faith, and how. Under these circumstances occasions of offense are likely to multiply and not diminish. Belief, and therefore blasphemy, is back. Ironically it has returned just as the secular world was congratulating itself on creating a multicultural world in which religion had been banished to domestic altars. It was in fact creating its parody all along: a patchwork of monocultures, a series of echo-chambers, a checkerboard of ghettos each with its own public idol living in uneasy proximity with each other.

At this rate there must eventually come a time when we simply cannot understand each other, when people suddenly jump up at the mention of opening an egg on the big, or mayhap, on the little end, when the demand for reasons itself will have become the ultimate disrespect. That’s called ‘enlightenment’, or sometimes ’sensitivity’ or ‘understanding’. If you don’t understand it, why excuse me, I have to call the cops.

What else is communism but a secular jihad, complete with its own form of sharia? All of these totalitarian utopian fantasies--be they secular like the Marxist variety; or religious, like the Islamist variety--share the desire to harvest as many human souls and control as many human minds as possible.

The culture of victimhood and the PC multicultural society cultivated by the left is the perfect breeding ground for the Islamic jihad. Just watch (and you better keep your mouth shut!) as those "brilliant" and "reality-based" intellectuals of the left encourage and support sharia in the years to come.

UPDATE: Can you just imagine the "new world order" that these two clowns have in store for you?
The leaders of Iran and Venezuela hailed what they called their strong strategic relationship on Wednesday, saying they are united in efforts to establish a "new world order" that will eliminate Western dominance over global affairs.

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