Sunday, August 17, 2008


Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This week I am in NYC on vacation and enjoying a family reunion, and it has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

NOTE: DURING MY BLOGGING HIATUS, I WILL CONTINUE TO POST THE CARNIVAL EVERY SUNDAY! So keep those entries coming in, and try to get them to me by Saturday. If you have questions, go here before submitting an entry. You can also submit an entry via Blog Carnival.

Try to make it funny, ironic, or clearly insane, people...I get a lot of "self-help" stuff that doesn't seem particularly funny or even ironic to me--and, if it doesn't seem that way to me, then its likely it won't be included-- unless it just happens to fit in with one of the COTI themes for the week.

Also, a link back to the Carnival if your submitted post is included would be appreciated...and some extremely harsh penalties await those who do not comply with this simple and reasonable request!


1. A typical programming day at Al Jazeera. A typical day in Saudi Arabia, land of the tolerant where belief is unutterable. It's already radioactive and extremely toxic there.

2. Such good friends! Isn't there a phallacy in there somewhere?

3. Georgia after the Soviet...errrr I mean the ...Russian invasion. The ubiquitous "But". Popeye McCain: Too bellicose? Off to see the Wizard!

4. Ok, where's Code Pinko and the antiwar robots when you need them? Parroting the Russian line, of course. Coming soon to a former soviet republic near you!

5. Seems they've been going out of their way lately just to prove why the shield is necessary. It's still 'trust but verify' Russian statecraft meets Western appeasement head on, once again. Back to the future.

6. Postcard from the realm of stunted possibilities.

7. The left wing protection racket? Well, yes. And this is your FINAL warning. Heh. If they had their way, they'd ALL have brain tumors (tomours?).

8. The 2008 Presidential kippah collection! Does McCain know this horror about Lieberman?? Speaking about religious tolerance (see # above).

9. Buyer's remorse? Just a taste of things to come.... In the pocket of Big Air! Another major endorsement!

10. Finally! Victimhood is within reach!! We will be the world.

11.Sex, more lies, and videotape. Sheesh. What a louse. John Edwards is (fill in blank--see image above) . But, the left forgives him because he's not a hypocrite, after all. When will he take a paternity test? After he's selected AG?

12. And, of course, the MSM really pursued the story from the beginning, the same way they will (have) pursued this story. Uh oh! McCain caught with a younger woman! As for that evil hypocrite, Bush....

13. Surely they're kidding? Aren't they? It doesn't seem like the Democratic party is really able to moveon, does it? Or be very progressive, either.

14. For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of overpaid professional athlete basketball stars in my country. NYTimes memo to staffers covering Olympics.... Meanwhile, can your budget handle becoming an Olympic athlete?

16. Makers and takers? A spectacularly ugly bit of moral equivalence.

17. Good Lord! And he's not even an opining politician! Bikini olympics?

18. The American Psychological Association wants you to go green. And manipulating behavior is what they do. Isn't that special? You've got to wonder who funds studies about turds on the tongue?

19. Bigfoot was real, after all? Or is it a big hoax?

20. Kinda ironic, huh? BigEgO is really just a big hoax.

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