Wednesday, July 28, 2004

NASA's Secret, Devious, Evil Plot

Well, now we know that it was all a secret plot and "dirty tricks" from NASA! Drudge has the transcript of the interview Fox News' Brit Hume did with Kerry's campaign manager. We have it from an unimpeached source that the disturbing photo of Kerry in a NASA bunny suit was "leaked" obviously to damage him (Michael Moore has not cornered the market in paranoid delusion, I guess).  The truth is that Kerry himself probably imagined he looked cute in the baby-blue suit.  I especially like the one where he posed with former astronaut and senator John Glenn, and former astronaut and congressman Bill Nelson. What is remarkable to me is to imagine NASA being capable of developing a plot of such subtle, machiavellian deviousness!  This, in an agency that practically foams at the mouth to ingratiate itself with anybody from Washington who has some political power. 

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