Saturday, July 10, 2004

Interesting Psychological Phenomenon

It is hard not to notice that the same people who flock to Michael Moore's conspiracy-spiked mumbo-jumbo, and who nod sagely at the spurious illogic of his dubious connections, also refuse to accept ANY evidence or documentation that Iraq/Saddam might just possibly have had connections with al-Quaeda. Or, that Saddam tried to get uranium from Niger. It is so much easier to believe that our own president has evil and suspicious motives, I guess, than to imagine that a mass murderer like Saddam may have linked up with other international mass murderers to conspire against the United States. That kind of possible "collaboration" is deemed ridiculous, while the "collaboration" hinted at in Farenheit 911 is considered likely. When it is a conspiracy theory that enhances and confirms your world view ("America is Evil")then evidence is optional. When it is a conspiracy theory that challenges that world view, then no amount of evidence is sufficient to prove it.

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