Wednesday, July 28, 2004

More Shocking News

And in another shocking development, Europeans are stunned to discover that the UN will not be able to muster the votes to condemn anti-semitism.  Don't they realize that the only thing the General Assembly seems to be able to do with any enthusiasm is to condemn Israeli behavior? Why, what purpose would the international organization possibly serve, if they were actually interesting in justice and truth?

Speaking of justice and truth, I couldn't help myself when I heard Bill Clinton's comments about strength and wisdom.  I wonder how much of those two characteristics Clinton displayed as President? He was, as you all remember, the posterboy of strength and wisdom.  Did he show strength in defending America against the terrorist threat? And, where was the wisdom hiding in his dealings with Monica?  Or, how about Jimmy Carter's invocation for real leadership in the Presidency?  I remember his leadership very well. In fact, you could almost say that it was during his tenure that the Islamic radical threat began to rise up when confronted with American foreign policy weakness.   And, if we were to consider justice and truth, then noone would ever, under any circumstances, listen to anything that Ted Kennedy had to say (can you say "Chappaquidick"?).

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