Sunday, April 01, 2012


I don't know about you, but I for one and really sick and tired of all those pseudoscientific articles and gleeful books proclaiming the superiority of the leftist brain.

To all the Chris Mooney's of the political left who are desperately attempting to "prove" that their leftist brains are superior to the clearly intellectually defective brains of conservatives, I have this to say:

A skeptical mind is a mind that is, at least, thinking. A mind that automatically believe anything asserted by authority--even supposedly "scientific" authority--abandoned rational thought long ago.

The left's attempts to "scientifically prove" conservatives are stupid can be thought of as the latest volley in their ad hominem attack campaign ( ad hominem is only one of many logical fallacies championed by the superior intellects of the left) because they are intellectually unable to address the arguments conservatives make in the political arena.

I've know brilliant people of both conservative and leftist persuasions; and I've also known complete morons from both sides of the political aisle. It is one thing to be a moron; but quite another to be a truly despicable moron, i.e. someone who is desperately seeks superiority by hiding behind the authority of science.

As for me, I will think for myself.

P.S. The only "low brain power" evidenced in this study is its obvious ideological interpretation by the so-called scientists who are responsible for it. Taking their data at face value, I can come up with multiple interpretations that have nothing to do with politics. But I guess when you are a liberal hammer, everything looks like a conservative nail.

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