Monday, June 06, 2011


In a series of posts on the political left and the seven deadly sins of narcissism, I discussed the utter shamelessness of the left, who because of a profound belief in their own superiority--intellectually and morally-- to the rest of us plebes, behave rather shamelessly in situations that would make ordinary people blush with mortification, admit to our wrongdoing and resign our public post. This is not to suggest (as a commenter notes) that only one political party has narcissistic traits (it is, sadly, a reality of our current political process, which generally REWARDS excessive narcissism). But let's compare and contrast the Weiner story with Republican Chris Lee (N.Y.) who resigned immediately after the accusations against him posting a shirtless photo to someone on Craigslist surfaced in February. Lee didn't pretend he was innocent; nor did he place responsibility for his behavior on a mysterious "hacker".

Weiner is being urged to "do the honorable thing" (and no, I don't mean to suggest that he should put a bullet in his brain as might have been done in the remote past when a person of consequence did a shameful thing and could not live with the ramifications when it became known. No, he should merely R.E.S.I.G.N.; at which time he could pursue his fetish as a simple private citizen and not rationalize to himself that he is "doing the people's business" or that this affair has been a "distraction" from "important work."

Weiner will have speak to the press imminently, but typically progressives are urging him "Don't quit!"

Any bets as to what he will do? My money is on him buying into the Bill Clinton Plan--after all, he's a really really big and important man (as photos suggest) doing important work....

Andrew Stiles offers these possibilities of which the first is the most honorable and therefore probably the least likely scenario (I will apologize and feel ashamed if he proves me wrong--but then, I'm not much of a public figure):
•Apologizes for “careless behavior,” appeals for privacy
•Admits he “has a problem,” will enter rehab (the Tiger Woods option)
•Remains defiant, calls Andrew Breitbart a “jackass”
•Announces candidacy for Mayor (more press than Romney got!)

UPDATE: He will not resign. He lied. He's made mistakes. He never had a physical relationship with those women. He's going the Bill Clinton route.

Utterly shameless and predictably dishonorable.

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