Thursday, March 31, 2011


We now learn that our "transparency" President signed an order 2-weeks ago to arm the Libyan rebels. Peter Kirsanow wonders if Obama even cares about who he is giving weapons to:
As Dan Foster notes below, we now learn that two to three weeks ago the president signed off on a finding authorizing covert support for the Libyan rebels, potentially including cash and weapons. Yet his Secretary of State concedes that precisely who the rebels are was still a mystery to the administration as late as yesterday.

The president — apparently taking his cue from Nancy Pelosi – believes that we have to arm the rebels so we can find out who they are.

This process clearly shows Obama's transition from "smart" diplomacy (how's that working out for you, Mr. President?) to "smart" war. The "smartness" of this war will become particularly evident if, as several have noted already, we are actually now in the business of arming Al Qaeda.

And, if our CIA on the ground find this to be true, will our "smart" President even care?

What do you suppose the next move from this hapless occupier of the Oval Office will be? "Smart" submission to Islamic jihad and sharia?

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