Thursday, September 27, 2012


President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden say it is "patriotic" to pay more taxes.

Clearly, they don't remember their American History:

Isn't it time for all of us to become again the "Sons (and Daughters!) of Liberty??

Real American patriotism is founded on economic liberty; and the Obama administration, with its economic policies, astronomical debt, and curtailment of indiviudal freedom is determined to make slaves of us all.

If I may channel the inimitible Biden: They're gonna put you all back in chains.


Alex Bensky said...

Good idea, and the administration should first direct its appeal to patriotism to Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet likewise lectures us on why we should pay more taxes.

And for the last ten years the IRS has been trying to get him to pay not more tax than he owes, but only that which he does owe. He resists.

A while back Buffet was asked why he and his family set up foundations rather than just paying taxes straight to the government. His response was that he thought he and his family could better decide how to spend the money wisely than the government.

A quintessential liberal: He knows what he should do with his money and he knows what I should do with my money.

n.n said...

Americans are not averse to exploitation. They prefer voluntary exploitation, including economic exchange and charitable works. This is, in fact, a key characteristic establishing their exceptionalism. However, they do accept limited involuntary exploitation (e.g. general taxation, non-contributory and contributory entitlements) as described in The Constitution and implied in The Declaration of Independence.

They don't like progressive or discriminatory exploitation. They don't like selective treatment by authorities. They don't like denigration of individual dignity. And they don't like the corruption these policies sponsor.

Americans, in the majority, believe they will be judged by their individual conscience, and the majority act accordingly and appropriately.

Oh, and welcome back, Dr. Sanity.